The Self Advocates of Semiahmoo(SAS) are a group made up of awesome people with diverse abilities and forward thinking ideas.

SAS is about real change. SAS members gain confidence, friendships and create meaningful experiences.

There are lots of ways to be a part of SAS; meetings, speaking, karaoke nights, fundraisers, conferences,Community Inclusion month,

Surrey Eagles night, sharing with others and so much more!!

The Self-Advocates ofSemiahmoo (SAS) are also a group of people who want to make their lives, their peers’ lives,the community and the world a better place. SAS does this by meeting, planning and doing. We also have fun!
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Events of Self Advocates of Semiahmoo
The Annual Self-Advocates of Semiahmoo  SAS Clothing Sale
SAS invites you to come find some new to you items. $2 for each item!

Lots of treasures and beautiful clothes for you! Silver Icing has maden a heapingly generous donation of samples from all sizes!

Everyone is invited! SHARE, LIKE and SPREAD the word!~

This event is to
1. Bring community in to meet SAS, the Self-Advocates of
Semiahmoo 🙂
2. To support people living on limited budgets in finding
clothes that will make them feel confident, for a great price.
3. To raise money for the SAS program. SAS advocates for
change through positive relationships.

When: Saturday, May 27th
Time: 11:00 to 1:00
Where: Semiahmoo House Society, 15306 24th Ave.
Cost: Free entry. $2 an item!!!
Who: Men & Women

Facebook page to event

Update to The All Candidates meeting that was at surrey white rock  Hosted by the Self-Advocates of Semiahmoo in the Semiahmoo House Society

Self-advocates with ‘diversabilities’ host South Surrey-White Rock candidates

The public had their first opportunity to hear Surrey-White Rock candidates speak about their platform at an all-candidates meeting Monday.

Hosted by the Self-Advocates of Semiahmoo in the Semiahmoo House Society building, candidates answered questions relating to affordable housing, public transportation, employment growth, and ways to improve Surrey-White Rock.

Tom Bryant (independent), Niovi Patsicakis (BC NDP) and Tracy Redies (BC Liberal), participated in the event. BC Green Party candidate Bill Marshall did not attend.

Candidates were given two-minutes to answer each question. Following the Q&A, candidates listened to seven SAS members with ‘diversabilities’ speak about what issues they find most important in their day-to-day lives.

All candidates agreed that the province – and specifically the Lower Mainland – are in need of more affordable housing options.

Bryant was first to answer the question relating to affordable housing.

“We’ve got to make sure that we don’t have slum landlords. We’ve got to make sure that we don’t have disrepair in most of these houses. We have to make sure that we’re diligent in maintaining them, not just before the election making promises. But after the election making sure that this is followed up,” Bryant said.

Redies said the Lower Mainland has an affordable housing problem because “we have a very strong economy that has attracted a lot of people to our province. When people come to our province they want to live and rent properties, and that tends to put the prices up.”

She said her party plans to build 5,200 affordable-housing units in B.C. over the next four years.

Patsicakis – who introduced herself as a teacher – said her party would create 114,000 new affordable housing, non-profit co-ops, and owner-based homes over the next 10 years.

“We’re also going to offer every single renter who rents $400 so that their rent can be a little more affordable and we’re going to make sure that rents don’t go up at the landlords’ will,” Patsicakis said.

On a question about public transportation, Redies said her party is investing $2.2 billion “over the coming years,” to match federal government funding to add more buses, rapid transit and light rail transit. She said her party also plans to increase the number of HandyDart trips.

Patsicakis said her party would replace the Pattullo Bridge, eliminate bridge tolls, put a freeze on ferry charges and allow seniors to ride the ferry free-of-charge from Monday-Thursday. She also said the NDP would eliminate the cost of bus passes.

Bryant – who answered the first questions sitting down – said, “I definitely have to stand up for this one.”

He first took issue with former premier Gordon Campbell (2001-2011) and the BC Liberals for approving the construction of the new Port Mann bridge.

“What can I do to you? I can go to Victoria and get an end to this lie and this waste of money and make sure that they deliver what they’re standing here talking to you today for. The last two elections they have delivered squat,” Bryant said.

When asked about jobs, Patsicakis said her party will create 96,000 construction jobs for roads, schools, hospitals, housing and public transit. She said her party would increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Bryant used the question to take issue with the BC Liberals for spending $11 million to bring the 2013 Times of India Film awards to Vancouver.

“I didn’t give $11 million to Bollywood and BC Place free to bring actors here, where the awards never went here anyway, they went to L.A. That was Christy Clark’s government. That’s not creating jobs, was it?” he said.

Redies said her party created 200,000 jobs and that 90 per cent of those were full-time. She said her party has a good record of creating jobs but needs to continue to do more.

Asked how each candidate could make the community better, Patsicakis said her party would make life more affordable by removing MSP and investigating Hydro and ICBC rates.

“We want to reduce poverty by raising all income assistance and disability payments by $100. You will have $100 in your pocket, isn’t that good?” she said to the crowd.

Patsicakis said the most important thing the province needs to do for the Surrey-White Rock community is build more schools.

Redies made note of her party’s increase to disability-assistant payments by $600 a year. She also noted the Peace Arch Hospital expansion project.

“We just approved between ourselves and Fraser Health $31 million to build a new emergency, palliative and surgical suite. That will really help our health-care system.”

The $68.2 million project – approved by the province – is funded by $8.2 million from the Ministry of Health, $23 million from Fraser Health, and $37 million through the donation-driven Peace Arch Hospital Foundation.

Bryant started off his answer by reaffirming his connection to the Surrey-White Rock area.

“I didn’t come here from another riding. I didn’t come from Langley. I didn’t come from Surrey. I’m here, this is where I come from. In the States it’s called carpetbagging. Here it’s call parachuting, OK?” he said to the crowd.

He said the beaches in the constituency are in need of a makeover and a unique waterfront strip that’s captivates visitors year round.

“The thing we need to do is realize we can get this done without government money. I would like to see government stop interfering with our community and let us put it together. They’re there to govern, not to rule. We’re here to work together to make it happen and that’s what I intend to do with you and make them responsible.”

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