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The Eve Decision, 1986 October 23, 2016 Marks the 30th Anniversary of “The Eve Decision”

  On October 23, 1986 the Supreme Court of Canada ruled unanimously that Eve, a 24-year-old woman with an intellectual disability, could not be sterilized without her consent. This landmark case, known as the Eve Decision, has had a profound impact on the global movement to fully recognize the rights of persons with intellectual disabilities. The Supreme Court of Canada’s 1986 Eve Decision was a critical turning point in the struggle for

Self Advocacy Leadership Conference CLBC Vancouver Coastal Region

On March 31, 2016, self advocates from the Simon Fraser and Vancouver regions came together to enjoy a day of presentations, workshops, and art. The Self Advocate Leadership conference was a full-day event with over 60 self advocates in attendance and presentations by self advocates focused on employment, leadership, community, self-advocacy, and goal achievement. Empowering Self Advocates to take Action Co-op facilitated a workshop on employment profiles, and BC People

2015 Federal Election results Canada Votes – Aftermath

This information page is for Canadian Federal Election coverage for Canadians with disabilities. Information. The final results and aftermath of election SELFADVOCATENET.COM wants to  Congratulate Justin Trudeau and Liberal Party of Canada on them becoming our Majority govt of Canada   LIB CON NDP BQ GRN 184 seats 99 seats 44 seats 10 seats 1 seat 54.4% 29.2% 13% 2.9% 0.3% Here is more detail on cbc final results of

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