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Rolling Around In My Head doing damns the darkness/ A Blog By Dave Hingsburger

life anyway

  Photo Description: A bra made of crayons decorate a crayon box with large crayons, the quote “Broken crayons still color” is written just beside a broken crayon. Artwork designed and carried out by Thea Nelson We were wandering through the mall in Salisbury when we came upon an exhibit of artwork done by various companies or artisans all which feature a bra incorporated into the work. You can vote

She Didn’t Look

He approached me from the front. I was pushing myself to the rest stop up a slight grade in blistering heat. He drew near, said how hot it was and asked if I wanted a push. I told him that I was good and thanked him for the offer. He smiled and wished me a good day and headed on in ahead of me. I was a few feet behind

As If I Am

It was already pretty hot when we hit the street yesterday morning. I lamented that I’d used up a lot of energy just getting to the start point of our trip to the museum where I would lecture. There was a long ramp from the hotel up to the street that requires a sustained and difficult push, I’d done it twice before, and knew I could, but with my shoulders

Hush Up Yoda

Joe, the explorer, mapped it out. I’m lecturing this morning in a museum just down the road from our hotel. Then in the afternoon, I cross the street and come back a bit to the offices where I’ll be presenting for the rest of the day. I have decided that I’m going to push there and back. Sidewalks are very hard for me, but the distance isn’t long. Last time

left alone

Yesterday when we arrived at the hotel, the weather was sunny and the air was warm. We got into our room and I suggested that we go down to the outdoor cafe that’s attached to the hotel. We could sit there, have a tea, and enjoy just being out of doors. When you are on a lecture tour it’s mostly indoors, hotels, conference centres and then sitting in a car

Fat Talking Man

I received some feedback about a presentation I did a little while back where I was accused of fat-shaming myself. I read that comment over and over again. I am not ashamed of who I am. I am publicly out as a fat person. I decry the behaviour of those who act out of a ‘right to cruelty’ sense of thin superiority. All of these things jumped about in my

Unexpected Music

I know what I’m going to write will be cheesy, but I am throwing caution to the wind and admitting that sometimes my thoughts are sentimental and my feelings coloured with childish intensity. I’m not afraid of being trite in the minds of others if I am being honest to myself. OK, here goes: Joe and I had to go to a particular store in a particular mall nearby today.

Mary While I Waited: a mother’s day post

In my tradition, we never talked about her. Mary, the mother of Jesus, was given over to the Catholics and we made do with the rest of the family. It was like the leaders of my denomination simply didn’t know what to do with her, how to fit her comfortably into a narrative, because of course, she doesn’t fit easily into the picture of motherhood created in the minds of


There was noise at the door. I had been sitting having my breakfast with my back to the door. The view was lovely, spring greens abounded, and behind me work waited. At first I thought that the sound was just people coming into and leaving the breakfast room. But it grew and I turned to see the elderly lady from yesterday’s post, sitting in her transfer chair, with the woman

The Weight of Being The Only One

Sometimes, and this worries me, I can go days without seeing another wheelchair user. On the road, as I am now, we travel from place to place stopping along the way to eat, to do the opposite of eat, to just take a break. Often we will do this at malls or restaurants, places where I’m fairly guaranteed access to a toilet. The disabled stalls will be full but inside

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