The Picture Cookbook

The Picture Cookbook: No-Cook Recipes for the Special Chef introduces recipes to young children and individuals with special needs using photos instead of words. This educational and empowering book is filled with delicious meal and snack ideas that are safe and fun to prepare. Following step-by-step photos, special chefs will learn to prepare no-cook recipes like broccoli and apple salad, bagels with cream cheese and chicken wraps. The Picture Cookbook’s researched and thoroughly tested recipes teach essential life skills to special chefs as they experience self-sufficiency and family fun in the kitchen. The Picture Cookbook makes independence in the kitchen possible.

Canada is an enormous, rich and diverse country with an equally large, rich and diverse cultural heritage… and food is a big part of that. The way we eat is a reflection of our backgrounds, our geography and our sensibilities as a nation. If you like metaphors, you could say Canada brings a lot to the table; Canadians eat as well as anyone in the world and wants to celebrate that. features healthy and delicious recipes, menu plans, product reviews, and tips to save you time and money all with a distinctly Canadian feel. In short, it’s a place to celebrate you – Canadian cooks – and we will be shining a light on Canadian kitchens from coast to coast.