101 ways to make FriendsSpectrum Community Conversations – Dayna Kneeland on Spirituality, Dec. 10th 2014

Dec 01, 2014 01:34 am | Aaron

As we leave one year and enter the next, our community conversations continue with Dayna Kneeland.

With the “Building Caring Communities Project,” Dayna has a long history of supporting all kinds of people, and a deep interest in

spirituality and respectful inclusion of everyone.  She has been hosting an open weekly community meditation event with […]


Dec 01, 2014 01:18 am | Aaron

Cheryl’s Star Raft was a year long project in which we partnered with David Wetherow and a group of committed self advocates to help them create an adult learning curriculum around leadership and networking.  It was a great experience for us all!  If you’d like to download a free color e-book version as a free […]


Nov 28, 2014 12:25 am | Aaron

The Sniper by Dallas Stager aka The Underdog 1. (Chorus A) I’m the Sniper That goalie won’t last I’m the Sniper I’ll get the puck right past When you call me Hocker shooter won’t do I’m mister underdog sniper How do yah do? 2. (Verse A) I’m a Coast Salish warrior, Born in September If […]


Nov 27, 2014 11:31 pm | Aaron

Thanks to John Lord for permission to reprint this update about the Belonging Conversations, from the new Belonging Newsletter.  If you’d like to subscribe, email John: johnlord_8@sympatico.ca The Belonging Conversations sponsored by the New Story Group raised a number of questions and insights that challenge conventional thinking. The conversations kept returning to community and inclusion as foundations […]


Nov 24, 2014 11:22 pm | Aaron

The TASH Conference is one of North America’s most important events for people with disabilities and those who care about them.   We are thrilled to be part of two exciting events there, as well as looking forward to meeting up with old friends, making some new ones and attending a whole lot of presentations!   http://conference.tash.org/events/2014-tash-conference/CREATING […]


Nov 24, 2014 10:45 pm | Aaron

At a recent workshop on Community Based Instruction we were asked for some of the research sites that we use.   Most research is published in academic journals and there are some really great ones.   The difficulty for agencies is finding ways to incorporate research and development practices and from these to provide training, but in […]


Nov 21, 2014 03:52 am | Aaron

Paying it forward…  when our friend Sheenagh told the baristas at the 2182 Oak Bay Avenue, Victoria, Starbucks she was having a rough day, this is what she got written on her cup.  Anyone who knows her knows how kind and helpful she is, so how sweet is that?  Thanks, Starbucks, for looking out for […]


Nov 20, 2014 04:44 am | Aaron

Originally posted on Live & Learn:
Gate A-4 By Naomi Shihab Nye: Wandering around the Albuquerque Airport Terminal, after learning my flight had been delayed four hours, I heard an announcement: “If anyone in the vicinity of Gate A-4 understands any Arabic, please come to the gate immediately.” Well— one pauses these days. Gate A-4 was…

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