Image description: Side view of a man, with an obvious cold, he has tissue at his nose and a tear running from his eye.

I have a cold.

I’ve had it for the whole long weekend.

My nose is clogged, I’ve gone through a few ton of tissue and as a result my nose is rubbed raw. As a result of that, my CPAP machine and my nose wrestled all night.


You know, being in a wheelchair is one thing.

Having a cold is another thing entirely.

I’m tired, and sick, and I’m about to leave for work.



But that’s life isn’t it.

Everyone does it.

No one says, ‘I’d rather be dead than have a cold.’

No, they cope, and they go on.

Being in a wheelchair, for me, is less disabling, right now, than having a cold. And you know what, I’m not considering suicide. Imagine that.

Wouldn’t want a doctor’s opinion though!

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