Amy’s Employment Success Story: Child Development Association

AmyBaudaisAmy Baudais, a Courtenay self advocate, has worked at the Child Development Association for three years, playing an important role in supporting the Association’s many programs, waiting rooms and play groups that have toys that children play with.


Amy’s job is to clean the toys children play with when they visit or attend the Association’s programs. The toys need to be cleaned continually so germs are not spread among the children, and inspected to make sure all pieces are together and broken toys are removed.


Amy has some physical and mobility challenges that require minor accommodations to help her work as independently as possible. The Association put in extra handrails on the stairs to help Amy get between floors, and staff assist when needed with filling and emptying water buckets used to clean the toys.


“Amy has a positive and willing attitude towards her work. She is always on time, reliable, puts 100% towards her job, and is a responsible and conscientious employee,” says Lee Bjarnason, Amy’s supervisor. “We are so happy to have her working at the Association.”

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