My name is Sherwin Strong. I live in the Comox Valley as a Self Advocate Liaison and Employment Trainer. My role is to promote inclusive employment for people with diverse abilities. I have created a presentation with information, steps and personal stories, including my transition from high school to employment. I also bring an Aboriginal perspective to my presentation.

Inclusive employment means that employers understand what those with diverse abilities have to bring to the table. This understanding leads to hiring and giving employees with diverse abilities a fair chance at success.

I was chosen to be a trainer because of my ability to speak and be personable.  I have different types of knowledge and stories to share.  I can adjust my presentation depending on the audience and what will best connect and hit home to the people I am presenting to.

I am part of the Self Advocate Training and Mentoring Network. The uniqueness of us as trainers is that we all have personal experience that can relate to the different avenues of employment. Whether good or bad, our stories help explain why continuing and improving inclusive employment is vital.

In June I presented at the Canadian Association for Supported Employment. I feel that my information and stories   showed that employment, whether gaining or maintaining it, really is possible if you believe in your strengths, skills and abilities. Since becoming a trainer I’ve also presented to Victoria’s Opportunity for Community Youth Leadership.

I hope my audience learns about the importance of history when promoting inclusive employment. I hope they learn about the similar experiences of persons with diverse abilities and First Nations and that even though it went from bad to good, we can always strive to better include and understand those with diverse abilities.

I look forward to presenting to you soon!  Check me out here:

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