Getting creative about self-employment

by Julian McKay

“Make sure there is a goal and plan in place before choosing to start your own business.” – Julian McKay

My business is doing First Nations art. I paint, bead and in the near future plan on starting to carve.

I started with no real plan as it started out as just a hobby that picked up a little extra income.

Once in a while I had support through a few of my daily support workers, but mainly I took the initiative all on my own.

I like having my own business because I can do work whenever I want and have the opportunity to make money when I need it.

A challenge I have running my own business is that I have not yet secured a steady source of income.

However, my artwork isn’t just a business; it is a passion and a hobby so I don’t financially depend on it.

My only advice for others would be to make sure there is a goal and plan in place before choosing to start your own business.

The best part of having a business for me is that I get to interact with all sorts of people.

I can work when I want. I don’t have to be on a work schedule when I’m having fun doing what I love.

Julian McKay grew up in Prince Rupert in Northwest B.C. and currently resides in Surrey.

He comes from the We’suwet’en and Tsimshian Nations.

Each of his art works is handmade and inspired by his Aboriginal heritage.

To view and order Julian’s art, including greeting cards featuring his work, you can visit:

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