Lee Kissinger. works part-time as a Front End Courtesy Clerk at Thrifty Foods in Fairfield.

My name is Lee Kissinger.
I work part-time as a Front End Courtesy Clerk at Thrifty Foods in Fairfield.

I have been working for Thrifty Foods for more than 8 years I love it! I feel really good about myself and motivated to work really hard when I am working.

I really enjoy the store events like the Christmas parties, rooftop volley ball staff get-togethers, bowling at Langford Lanes and going for coffee with coworkers. My favourite thing to do is golfing with my coworkers.

I remember when I first started working at Thrifty’s, Keith helped me learn how to pack groceries. At first, it was tough to pack groceries; but, with practice it got easier to do.

On the weekends we are very busy, especially on Saturdays and the busy holidays like Christmas and Easter. On days like that I feel like I’m all over the place. I gotta say that I feel lucky to have a team of coworkers who all pull together to get things done on days like that.

I won the bronze medal with the Nanaimo Special Olympics team at the provincials in Vernon. Vernon was breath taking, I have some pictures on my phone to show people I know. They were short a player on the Nanaimo team, so I stepped in to help. When a team wins the gold, silver or bronze medals sometimes they get to go to Nationals with the Nanaimo team. If we win at the Nationals, then we go on to the worlds. I have my fingers crossed we get picked for Nationals.

When I got back from Vernon, I wore my medal to work. My friends, church friends and coworkers all said : “Wow! Congratulations!” I gotta say it was like a celebration week, almost like a birthday week. The bakery made a cake for me to share with my coworkers to celebrate. They wrote a special message to me on the top that said “Congratulations, Lee! Our Olympic Bronze Medallist”. Jim, the store manager was totally surprised when he came into the staff room and saw my medal.
I really like working at Thrifty Foods. I like talking to customers and having nice conversations with coworkers, but I know what my limit is.

I keep it short, then get back to work. I love my job at Thrifty’s and want to work there for a long time.

This is courtesy from  Community Living Victoria Employment Services

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