Luke’s Story: Customer Service Associate, London Drugs

Luke started his employment with London Drugs a year ago.
He currently works in customer service helping people find what they are
looking for and stocking the shelves with product. Having struggled in obtaining employment, he connected with the YMCA’s employment
supports program. They connected him to London Drugs–which became his first job at the age of 30, outside of work experience practicums.
Luke identifies as having a disability–having a thyroid condition that results in low energy levels,and also experiences challenges with muscle tone and bone strength.
He has a borderline learning disability, and specifically has challenges with auditory information. When asked what adjustments he makes for himself, Luke identified a few strategies.
1.Keeping a small notebook in his pocket with useful information–like where popular items belong in the store.
2.If he has been lifting or re-stocking and needs a break, he spends a minute in the break room to recoup.
3.Since walking around the store is helpful for him, he will pace a couple of the aisles to
regulate his body temperature and keep him cool. “Usually in interviews, employers would ask if I could lift a certain amount of weight, and when I would disclose that I can’t always do that, I wouldn’t get the job. Until London Drugs – who worked with me to find solutions” says Luke.
Luke says that disclosing his disability to his coworkers was very helpful in creating understanding amongst the team. His manager encouraged him to talk to his peers in a morning meeting.
“I’m a tall guy who looks like I can lift really heavy boxes–so I would be the first person people ask to move something heavy from the stockroom.
Once I was able to be honest about my physical disability, [my colleagues] were better able to understand why I wasn’t always able to help –but also what they could ask my help for instead.”
Store manager, Dave Woogman, says that he has really seen Luke develop and grow in his time at London Drugs. “He has built his self confidence, and he knows that he is really part of something. He takes direction really well, but also knows how to advocate for what he needs.
I know I can count on Luke–to do his job well, to be curious and ask questions when he’s unsure, and to receive and provide feedback” says Dave.“I love working here. The people are great. I wasn’t that social after high school and it’s been nice to get to know people and be more social.
My goal is to know the entire store so I can continue to provide great customer service.”Luke added.
This On website called accessible employers go to the link here
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