Intent to educate those why need to hire people with disabilities  success story this below.

Amanda’s my job coach. She helped me get my first paid job.”
Brion and his parents felt stuck. They had applied for all sorts of jobs and built up Brion’s resume but weren’t successful in getting him a paid position. That’s where Amanda, a WorkBC job coach, came in.
“We were able to do different assessments and see what he was really good at and what he enjoyed.

“His face lit up of talking about the BC Lions and about sports and I was like, ‘Okay, that’s where we’re going!’ Volunteering with the BC Lions his confidence just really increased.
He was dreaming more and he was like, ‘Wow, if I can be with the BC Lions, then I can do anything! I can get a paid job.’
“I was able to see his cleaning abilities and how precise he was and how organized he was. He’s very routine, very structured.
He did a work experience with Dexterra so we were able to translate that into paid work at the Lonsdale Quay.
“Managers think that it’s going to be more work for them to hire someone with a diverse ability but usually it’s less work because you have an employment specialist and if it’s a good fit our clients will stay long-term. At WorkBC we’re just piecing together the puzzle. We’re just trying to see where everyone fits and where everyone can reach their most potential.”
Brion found a new start and so can you. WorkBC helps people with diverse abilities find and sustain a job that fits. Learn more:

This is on BC Govt s Work BC website  you can go to the link here
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