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Self Advocacy is a civil rights movement for people with developmental disabilities. Self Advocates seek to reduce the isolation of people with a developmental disability and share the tools and experience they need to take greater control over their lives – including being in charge of their own supports, or lobbying for improvements in public services.

Self Advocates speak up for people with disabilities who cannot speak up for themselves. They also help others see how they are entitled to be at the forefront of decisions that affect their lives. If you receive services from DCLS and have a complaint? Click here to learn how to make a complaint.

DCLS Self Advocates work together to learn more about their rights and responsibilities and discuss issues such as making and being a friend, how to maintain and improve their health, or secure sustainable employment. They also help each other with challenges and celebrate each other’s successes.

Members attend retreats, conferences and workshops where they meet new people and learn important new skills, such as public speaking.

The mission of Self Advocates is to:

  • Promote independence for adults with developmental disabilities;
  • Enable persons served to make choices with confidence;
  • Assist them to gain an understanding of their rights as citizens and consumers;
  • Increase their active participation in community life.


Self Advocates Next Meeting

Recruiting Self-Advocates

Learn more about being part of community by being a self-advocate.

Through advocacy, the committee members are able to use their own voice, in their own lives,making their own decisions, solving their own problems and speak for themselves.

Self-advocate meetings will help committee members accomplish, build awareness and increase education of their strengths, rights, wants and needs of people with diverse-abilities.

The direction of the group will be member-driven, therefore the group could take on several forms. Member meetings, chamber meetings, workshops and conferences will help to build on the self-advocacy group.


Contact Emily Wheatley at or 604.946.9655.





Delta Community Living Society
Resource Centre
#1 – 3800 72 Street
Delta, BC
V4K 3N2
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Tel: 604.946.9508
Fax: 604.940.9683



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