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My Story About Keeping Busy and Safe During Covid 19

My Story About Keeping Busy and Safe During Covid 19

By Charmaine Johnson (CJ) My name is Charmaine. Some of my friends call me CJ. I am a Self-Advocate of Nanaimo. We have meetings by telephone because of Covid. We are doing a workshop to teach others about being a self-advocate. Every month we have a learning circle. We learn things about living a good life. At our last circle we wore silly hats and had mini-self-care pies. We shared

Staying Home All Day

Written By: Janelle Armstrong During COVID, I’ve been spending a lot of my time at home. This has been a very different time for all of us, and I’ve had some things change in my life. I’ve been missing a lot of my friends, because I cannot see them as much as I used to. I’ve also been missing the programs I attended at SHS like PD, ETS, and SAS.

How I Entertain Myself During Covid

Written By: Sierra Dean Entertaining yourself during COVID is a hard thing to do, but I’ve gotten the hang of it. I use social media like Tik Tok on my phone, making content, as well as posting videos on my YouTube channel. I post kind of vlog style videos on my channel, and I made one on my recent trip. I went to Nanaimo to visit family. Now, when I

How This Corona Virus Has Effected Me

Written by: Jack Mullin At first it bothered me. Mostly because when my family would come from the coast I was still not able to give them a hug. As well as not receiving my birthday gifts. At where I work which is at Canadian Tire we have to wear masks which can be very uncomfortable but I don’t want to get hit by this virus. I try my best

My Story

Submitted by: Cheyanne Clarkson Hello, my name is Cheyanne I have FASD and this my positive story through Covid 19. Through Covid 19 I came across T.A.S.K. which is a course held at the UFV campus in Chilliwack. Of course through Covid 19 we are not yet on campus but I have faith we will be after winter break. Anyways, Covid has actually been quite positive for me. I found

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