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Self-Advocates of Semiahmoo – SAS

Self-Advocates of Semiahmoo – SAS

The Self-Advocates of Semiahmoo (SAS) makes change through positive relationships. This focus provides the organization opportunities to engage others in our work and to collaborate on projects with the community, businesses, non-profits and government organizations. SAS pays close attention to support accessibility and inclusion in their community, province and country. SAS is an independent organization mainly funded by Semiahmoo House Society and The Semiahmoo Foundation.SAS has had success in Grants

Living through COVID-19 self-isolation.  Not once…but twice!!

Written by Noel Anderson I was getting community support and one of the people in the group got tested positive for COVID-19. Island Health called the manager and said, “Anyone within 5 feet of the person had to get tested.”  I had been close to this person.  In the meantime – oh no, self-isolation! I had to wait…I had stay home…til I got the results. I was happy and my

There’s a Wildfire in the Rockies

By Mike Gauthier If you want something in your life, put your mind to it and go for it. You can accomplish it. I am sitting around with my brothers, hearing stories about fighting wildfires. Hey! This could be the way to fill my dreams of riding a helicopter, being on a fire line. I go to the BC Forest Service Office to find out what I need. They tell

What I Have Learned This Past Year

Written by Natalie Raven Hi, I’m Natalie, I live in the Chorus Apartments and I am a part of the Self-Advocates of Semiahmoo and the Community Development POD at Semiahmoo House. This last year, has been a little bit weird and stressful, but it’s not all bad. It is important to remember the good things so that you can be happy, even when you are anxious. For example, one of

A Story About My Job

Hi, my name is Stacey Kohler, and I am proud to be a landscaper. Landscaping is working with equipment outside in all-weather seasons. The tools I use are tongs to pick up garbage, a rake to move leaves and clippers to trim prickle bushes; I got trained to work with the clippers. My daily work routine looks something like this: My dad drives me and my boyfriend, Weston, to work

Doing a Virtual Run During COVID-19

Written by Stacy Kohler Hi! My name is Stacey. I did the Run Surrey Run for 5km at the Chickadee Loop in June. I ran with my friend and beat her! It is important to me to be active and keep exercising. It helps me stay happy and healthy during covid times. I can say that I kicked her butt because I ran a lot of it. I walked some

Alexa Conquers Covid-19

Written by Alexa Lehwald Hello, my name is Alexa Lehwald and I am a Community Development Pod member at Semiahmoo House Society in South Surrey, BC. I am also a CLIC member too which stands for Community Leaders Igniting Change. I graduated from the Community Leaders Igniting Change program which was a 12-week program that took place at Simon Fraser University. The program was hard and challenging and the textbook

Covid Baby

Written by Jodi Shanoss Hi my name is Jodi. I am a Gitxsan woman originally from Kispiox. Previous to Covid I only had two children. A nine year old and a three year old. Life can be hard living on PWD and making ends meet when you have kids. But my kids are the most important thing in the world to me, always my top priority. The pandemic lockdown was hard, and

Self-Advocates of Semiahmoo – SAS

The Self Advocates of Semiahmoo(SAS) are a group made up of awesome people with diverse abilities and forward thinking ideas. SAS is about real change. SAS members gain confidence, friendships and create meaningful experiences. There are lots of ways to be a part of SAS; meetings, speaking, karaoke nights, fundraisers, conferences,Community Inclusion month, Surrey Eagles night, sharing with others and so much more!! The Self-Advocates ofSemiahmoo (SAS) are also a

The Self Advocates of Nanaimo (SAN)

“Nothing About Us Without Us” Self Advocates Nanaimo – SAN·Wednesday, August 21, 2019· Self Advocates Nanaimo (SAN) was formed with support of Nanaimo Supporting Advocates in Leadership in 2014. SAN is an important platform for people with diversabilities to have a voice and to learn how to take positive action towards the issues presented. SAN provides opportunities for advocacy, mentorship, education and community building. Recently, SAN was involved in a

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