Getting Through the Pandemic

Written by: Robyn Appleton

My name is Robyn and I have had lots of family and friends help me through the Covid pandemic. I have been really busy with my mom and dad, and my program in Sooke. I have been doing a digital literacy course with my employment counsellor. I’m living healthier than ever before, and I’m learning new skills for work and home.

I’m taking the C.A.S.E. Digital Literacy Course and learning a lot about Microsoft. I’m also learning what is out there, how to be safe online and about using FaceTime and Zoom on my own.

I’ve made some changes over the past couple of years. I have enjoyed being outside more with family and friends. I’ve been talking more about my feelings and not keeping them inside. I have become gluten-free. I got new braces for my teeth. I go walking more and I’ve started going to the horse barn and spending time outside.

Some of the things I have been learning at home are: sorting my laundry and learning more about the settings on the machines. I’m trying new cooking and baking recipes. I’m doing office work like sorting the papers for shredding and deciding what binders and folders to keep or throw away. I’m doing arts and crafts with my Cricut machine.

Before my course I didn’t know much about computers like I do now. It keeps my brain busy and I only need a little help if I get really stuck. I’m really happy and proud of how far have come. The pandemic changed our lives in a lot of ways. Even if it was hard, I can look back at all the good times and be proud of everything.

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