Small Town, Priceless Photos


By: Maurissa Roden


Fifteen years ago I got my first camera while on a trip to Thailand. It was then that I fell in love with the art of photography.

After a few years of self-taught photography, I decided it was time for an upgrade. I bought my first good quality camera before a trip to Ireland in 2011. Since then, I have been transforming my hobby into self-employment.

I began my self-employment journey by sharing my artwork with family and friends. It began with my mom’s open studio with the Watershed Artworks Society in Delta. From then on, I started looking into bigger opportunities such as making and selling photo note cards to local shops and businesses. The support I received from the local shops in my small town has allowed my business to blossom and take off.

Today I have my own website that features my best work which includes pet photography, wildlife, flowers, and abstract work. My work is featured in art shows, at artisan markets, at corporate businesses, and in local gift shops.

Starting my own business has enhanced my mental health and confidence. When I first started I was very nervous to promote my work and potentially face rejection to the point where I passed up some great opportunities.

Over time, I grew more confident and now I can just strut into any store and offer my photography. The reason I love photography is because it freezes memories for a lifetime and keeps them ageless. By selling my artwork, people have a chance to see the world the way I do and witnessing peoples’ reactions to my photography makes my day and motivates me to keep improving.

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