My Story About Canva


By: Natalie Raven

Hi, my name is Natalie. I worked on the UNITI Highlight Project. A UNITI Highlight is something I was doing to show the online world the people at UNITI.

I did this with my friends at Community Development. I asked them to tell me about themselves and about something they wanted people to know. I also asked follow-up questions so my friends got to tell me more information. This project was important to me because I learned more about Canva, an online graphic design tool and about my friends. It was also important as it was a paid opportunity.

I made a presentation for my UNITI Highlight Project to share with people and to learn from too. I want to teach people how to use Canva and get better at using social media. I think it is important that my friends, and people with disabilities do important jobs like this.

My favourite part of Canva is having all the bright colours and stickers to use. You can choose whatever you want to make! It is super fun.

Learning and getting better at Canva is my goal. Before that my goal was typing, and now I use my typing skills when I use Canva. I have gotten better at Canva because I have been hired to do some other projects that use Canva. I’ve made posters and flyers for promoting important things.

I also want to do more projects so I practice Canva for fun sometimes. I hope in the future there are more paid opportunities like these projects for everyone.

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