Taking the Bus

Taking the Bus

By: Natalie Raven


Hi, my name is Natalie and I am a self-advocate. I did something super big and I am really proud of myself. I took the bus!

I am nervous and anxious about getting on the bus because it is nerve-wracking for me. I have to hold on to the bars and sit in the front so I can see everything. It helps when my staff sits behind me, rubs my back, and says kind words to me on the bus ride.

We practice every Monday with my friends and we bus to Semiahmoo Mall and then back to Semiahmoo House. Sometimes we take the same bus, sometimes it is different. We have a lot of bus stops nearby to try. We explore the mall and things around the mall so that we know what we can visit on our own time with family and friends.

I used to watch my friends go on the bus, and then ride in my staff’s car to meet them at the mall. Now I ride the bus with them even though it is hard for me. I still feel anxious. I take my anxiety pill sometimes to help me, but I’ve even been on the bus without my anxiety pill two times in a row!

I feel happy after I take the bus because I get to have freedom when I go out. I tell my family and important people in my life about this important thing. I like being celebrated after going on the bus because it helps make me feel confident.

One day, I want to travel on the bus on my own and go wherever I want.

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