My Five Things

By: Stacey Kohler

Being 40 is powerful. It’s been my dream to be 40 and it makes me happy. Turning 40 has meant the freedom to express the feelings that are inside my heart. I have experience in; independence, art décor fantasy, and relationships both good and bad. I cut all my hair off and became a new person.

I have new goals as well. I want to have road trips and do something adventurous. I want to see oceans and meditate.

I have an activity that I find helpful. I like to pick five things that I see, hear, smell, feel, and that I’m grateful for.

Then I close my eyes and set a timer for 5 minutes, take a deep breath and breathe out.

As I begin my story of being 40, I’m going to teach you how to do the Five Things Activity.

Naming Five things;
Five Things I Smell – coffee, food, popcorn, hot tea, and perfume
Five Things I See – green trees, blossoms, tulips, daffodils, and rain
Five Things I Hear – heaters buzzing, elevators going up and down, talking, dangle earrings moving, and nails tapping
Five Things I Feel – happiness, warmth, elbows on the table, shoes put on my feet, and excitement to go for lunch

Five Things I am grateful for:
1. Friends
2. Family
3. Close relationships
4. To go places on my own
5. Watching TV

Doing this is relaxing and makes life smoother for me. It helps my anxiety to be calm and relaxed. I learned this over the past 40 years and I want my friends to help me through things from the past and I want to help them, too.

Naming the Five Things helps people deal with problems and deal with their own challenges because it is calming and then one can make good choices. I hope the Five Things activity helps you too!

I like being 40!!


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