Christmas Time

When you are on low income it is hard to plan all the things you need to do at any time. But Christmas time is even harder because you want to make sure that you have money for gifts and food and the Christmas dinner, whatever that looks  like to you .

For the last 18 years our family always asks for help from the place in community that helps out at Christmas time. They give food and gifts for kids up to 18 years old, which helps.  It may not be a lot, but it helps.  One year they brought food and gifts to our home because I could not pick it up .

And then you have your kid home from school for 2 weeks.  We have to think of things to keep her busy and get every thing else done too.  It may not be easy, but we try our best.

Sometimes your kid may get asked to go to an Xmas party that is put on by a community organization. To give the gift of fun time with lunch and crafts.

There are also all the free events you can try to get to like the Christmas parade and ginger bread houses and Xmas tree displays and maybe a truck parade.

You just try to do it all and make the memories for you and kid.

Sometimes there is family drama, and you may not want to go visit, but you do it anyway for the kid. And as they grow the kids may not want to go either. Then you do what makes you happy.

You try to get it all done- the tree, the lights and the cards. It can be hard. Even if you are not in that spirit of Xmas, we do it for the kids. You take them to see Santa and get a picture too.

We stay up until they are asleep and play Santa Claus.  We got to place where we stopped doing the stockings just because there were too many little things and the cost.

Holidays can be stressful because we want everything to be perfect.  Nothing may be perfect, but we try just for them, our kids. If they are happy that’s what counts.

We all do the best we can. It’s ok to ask for help from a friend or family.

And if you need help with food there are food banks and in your community there may be free meals  that you can go too. Call a food bank or community centre, they can help.

Just remember, it’s your Christmas. You make the way that fits your budget and makes you and your family happy. That is what is most important.

And just remember the next holiday is right around the corner….Easter!

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