My Baby is Not a Baby Anymore

By Michelle Goos

My baby is not a baby anymore and is almost grown up.

She just graduated from college this past week. She will be busy since she works three days a week at a private school in the kitchen helping with cleanup and etc. She is also in Special Olympics this summer and she is going to the National Games. She is also working to swim the English Channel with some other people 2020.

She is a young youth with big dreams and is not sure what to do. She pays for her own phone now.  She has lots to learn and that it is not easy with all the Internet out there.  She has a lot of friends in the USA. It is a whole different world with the internet; it gets a hold of her and sucks her in. We planned her path this summer. Now we can work on stuff with her to reach her goals.

We are an open home where we chat about everything out loud, and then she feels safe.  She knows that she can come ask us whatever she wants. We have taken the Island Sex Health where she knows she can go there to ask someone questions.

It is not easy to be the mom and let go and watch her doing things that are not good. But you have to let her learn. I just want her to be safe and healthy. We will see how things go as summer turns into fall.

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