September is Disability Employment Month 2023 is in support of  September  Disability Employment Month 2023

September is Disability Employment Month, highlighting the significant role people with disabilities play in British Columbia’s workforce, while also promoting resources and tools employers can use to reduce barriers to inclusion and build better, more accessible workplaces.

In 2022, 24.7% of British Columbians aged 15 and over identified as persons with disabilities. The 2017 Canadian Survey on Disability revealed wide differences in income and employment outcomes of those persons with disabilities when compared with the rest of the population. Persons with disabilities in British Columbia had an average unemployment rate of 8.4% compared to persons without disabilities at 4.5%.

People with injuries, disabilities supported getting back to work

Victoria Wednesday, September 6, 2023 11:45 AM

Why should your business hire people with disabilities? 

Recruitment and retention challenges.

British Columbia employers face significant recruitment and retention challenges, and labour shortages are expected to persist for years to come. With the right support, job seekers with intellectual and developmental disabilities in British Columbia can meaningfully contribute their skills and experiences to the long-term success of a business.

By the numbers:
  • Staff retention rates are 72% higher among people who have a disability. (Job Ability Canada)
  • One in five Canadians have a disability (22% of the population). Over 6 million Canadians over the age of 15 have a disability. There are hundreds of thousands of Canadians with disabilities ready to hire. (Statistics Canada, 2017)


Hiring people of all abilities is good for business.

Employers are finding their workplaces, and bottom lines, are better off when they hire people of all abilities.  Inclusive hiring leads to higher job satisfaction and employee loyalty, saving employers on the costs associated with high turnover and repeated recruitment.

How do we know?
  • Research by Deloitte has shown that companies with inclusive cultures are eight times more likely to have better business outcomes, two times likely to meet or exceed financial targets, three times more likely to be high-performing, and six times more likely to be innovative and agile. (Job Ability Canada)
  • Many employers report that hiring individuals with an intellectual or developmental disability has enhanced their teamwork and improved the dynamic of their workplace. (Ready Willing and Able)
  • Disability-inclusive businesses have 28 percent higher revenue and 30 percent higher profit margins than companies that aren’t, and twice the net income of other companies. (Accenture Report)


You don’t have to do it alone.

There are many supports available to employers interested in hiring a person with an intellectual and developmental disability.  Employers can reach out to the Inclusion BC team to learn more about the supports available for making your workplace more inclusive.

We are also co-hosting a series of free events where you can learn how other employers are making inclusive hiring a success in their businesses. You’ll hear from community leaders about the benefits of including people with disabilities in the workforce and how they’ve received support in their community.

Tuesday, October 3rd @ 730am – 1030am

Executive Hotel Vancouver Airport

7311 Westminster Hwy, Richmond BC

Register Here


Thursday, November 16th 

Surrey Arts Centre

13750 88 Ave, Surrey, BC


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for Disability Employment Awareness Month

Inclusion BC’s Karla Verschoor makes the case for embracing Disability Employment Month

Two employees walking through a grocery store. The man on the left is wearing a light blue button up shirt and the woman on the right is wearing a green apron over a black long sleeved shirt.


September is Disability Employment Month in BC!

Take a look at the proclamation from the Provincial Government.


This page is made possible by Inclusion BC’s Employer Outreach Project, where we network with business owners and employers to promote inclusive workplace practices and their benefits.

This is on Inclusion BC website go to the link here


Canada govt Stats Employments with Disabilities

Earnings pay gap among persons with and without disabilities, 2019




Measuring disability in Canada


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