New technologies reduce employment barriers for people with disabilities

Victoria Wednesday, October 4, 2023 11:00 AM

  • J.P.’s support team at WorkSafeBC asked if CanAssist could provide a software tool to help him remember tasks requiring a sequence of steps. He had acquired a brain injury while at work and was struggling to remember things. CanAssist developed an app that breaks down tasks into a sequence of photos, which can be accompanied by voiced instructions or text. The app enabled him to make a successful return to work.
  • Mobility and dexterity challenges prevented Rachel from using a conventional filing cabinet. CanAssist built a cabinet with motorized doors and instead of a key, an electronic keypad to unlock them.
  • Garry Curry is part of a group of artists who work at a Victoria studio. He turns slabs of stone into sculptures. CanAssist had previously made customized chisels for Curry. However, he was still struggling to securely hold the piece of stone in place when working on it. CanAssist created a device that holds pieces of stone securely, powered by an electric car jack.
  • CanAssist made ergonomic handles for a professional butcher who had developed a repetitive strain injury in his wrist. The grips allowed the client to continue working and use a butcher’s knife more comfortably and safely.
  • A Switch Access Interface was designed to help a client with limited dexterity control his smartphone using three accessibility switches. The device allows him to navigate and type on his phone independently. It connects wirelessly to the client’s phone via Bluetooth and has several modes of operation for typing or navigating.
  • CanAssist created a cutting board that enables people to safely use a kitchen knife with only one hand. It is attached to a pivot-and-slider mechanism that lets the user easily slice, chop and move the knife across the cutting board.

This on BC Govt website go to the link here


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