The Kamloops Self Advocate Newsletter Edition Nov. 2023

The Kamloops Self Advocate Newsletter Nov. 2023

Krystian Shaw

Publisher and Owner


Dear Readers

As the colorful autumn leaves gently fall to the ground, and we feel a sense of looking back and thinking, we’re entering a time that reminds us about important things that bring us together.

This newsletter is a special one. We take some time to honor and remember special people, celebrate good things, and get ready for a season of warmth, happiness, and togetherness. In November, we think a lot about Remembrance Day. It’s a serious day when we say thank you to brave veterans. They did a lot for our freedom and peace. We need to remember how brave they were, say thank you to them, and make sure we never forget their stories. But Remembrance Day isn’t only about being serious.

It’s also a day to celebrate some very good things like peace, kindness, and caring about others. These are important things that bring people together all around the world. It’s also a day to remember the freedom to speak our minds and move around freely. Veterans helped us have these freedoms.


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