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International Men’s Day Nov 19th,2023

Selfadvocatenet.com is in support of International Men,s Day on Nov 19th,2023

This page will highlight why is it important for Men to look after their heath

Men with disabilities are affected cause every day men go through loneliness mental health and depression.Men with Disabilities are afraid to ask for help cause of a image of strong will and strong body and don’t want show signs of weakness

Theme for 2023 is “Zero Male Suicide”. Together we can stop male suicide.

So  what is International Men,s Day

International Men’s Day 2023 is a global observance that celebrates the positive contributions and achievements of men while addressing important issues affecting men’s health, well-being, and gender equality. This day provides an opportunity to promote discussions and actions that support men’s physical and mental health, encourage positive role models, and advocate for a more inclusive society.

International Men’s Day is an annual event that highlights the importance of recognizing and addressing the challenges and experiences of men and boys. It encourages conversations about men’s mental health, positive masculinity, and gender equality.

Go to this website below information on International Men,s Day

Men’s Mental Health and Suicide in Canada.



Coincide with  International Men,s Day in November is Movember Month it a fundraiser that raises funds for men,s health.

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