none Year in Review 2023

This Page is our Annual Year in Review of this past year 2023

highlighting the year’s activities, stories and announcements that came in.



First January 2023

BC Govt News was Announced in January 2023

Over 60 new rental units for seniors coming to Nanaimo

Health Employers Association of BC reaches tentative agreement with Community Health Bargaining Association

The Provincial government recently made several announcements about new rebates/credits and changes to some types of assistance

Help with costs arrives for British Columbians

Operators announced for pilot family connections center’s

Home Owner Grant to help people with property taxes in 2023


Govt of Canada News was Announced in January 2023

Minister Gould announces funding for projects for the social inclusion and well-being of vulnerable children and youth


February 2023

BC Govt News was Announced in February 2023

BC Budget 2023

Grants for non-profits building strong communities

More than 130 affordable rental homes open in Langford, Victoria

B.C. helps people with complex needs through long-term recovery

B.C. throne speech outlines plans to build a stronger, more secure future

Community Social Services Employers’ Association reaches tentative agreement with Community Social Services Bargaining Association

New funding supports more accessible taxis



Govt of Canada News was Announced in February 2023

Accessibility Standards Canada and CSA Group collaborate to publish three new accessibility standards

February was Black History Month


CLBC news that was announced in February

CLBC named one of BC’s Top Employers for a second year


Govt of BC news that was announced in March 2023

Community social services workers ratify agreement under Shared Recovery Mandate

More youth with developmental disabilities gets help finding work

New training prepares more people to be community support workers

B.C. students set to improve cycling skills, confidence

Province improves inclusion, accessibility in B.C. parks


Then the BC Govt then asked the public if like to engage in updating the poverty reduction strategy

BC Govt wants your input Govt is updating their poverty reduction strategy


Inclusion Canada press release in March 2023



Disability Without Poverty did respond to Federal Budget

Press Release: Disability Without Poverty response to federal budget


Govt of Canada news was announced in March 2023

Federal Budget was announced in March 2023

Federal Budget 2023

The Government of Canada receives the Office of the Auditor General’s report on accessible transportation


Then Federal Govt released statement to extend on the controversial Medical Assistance in Dying law

Eligibility for medical assistance in dying for persons suffering solely from mental illness extended to March 17, 2024



CLBC News Got increase in Family Support funding in Budget 2023

CLBC Core individual and family support funding increases in Budget 2023

Then CLBC March Edition 2023 for Family and Individuals

March 2023 edition of CLBC’s Update for Individuals and Families.


Then San story came in March 2023

By Reid Parks

My Guitar Story


 April 2023 Announcements

 BC Govt News announcements in April

Housing announcements

New affordable homes for seniors, families open in Cranbrook

New affordable homes for Indigenous people in Quesnel open

Twenty-five new affordable homes open in Vernon Updated April 20, 2023

B.C. preserves affordable housing in Kamloops


Then this was changed in society act CLBC authority act updated it allowed

A person who was incapable of managing their own affairs but has since been found otherwise can now be a director.

Introduction of Miscellaneous Statutes Amendment Act (No. 2), 2023

Minimum wage increases to $16.75 per hour on June 1


Govt of Canada Announcement’s in April 2023

Government of Canada funds project to better understand the needs of Autistic adults in Canada

CLBC  announcements

April 2023 Edition of CLBC’s Update for Individuals and Families.


May 2023 Announcements

San Story came in written by Natalie Raven in May 2023

Taking the Bus


BC Govt News announcements in May 2023

Housing announcements

More than 110 new affordable homes, child care centre coming to Pitt Meadows

New affordable rental homes open in Coquitlam

One hundred affordable homes open in Coquitlam



BC Govt ask share priorities for BC Budget 2024

People asked to share priorities for B.C.’s next budget


Minimum wage Announcement

B.C. minimum wage increases June 1 for lowest-paid workers

Services, supports expand for people with disabilities


DABC Announcement

On announcement of 375 shelter to 500 as August 2023

PWD clients: know your rights about rent increases!


Govt of Canada Announcement

Disability Inclusive Air Travel

Joint statement from ministers Alghabra and Qualtrough on disability-inclusive air travel


Selfadvocatenet was learning about Artificial Intelligence by using Chat GPT in May 2023

Learning about AI (Artificial Intelligence) using ChatGPT


Inclusion Canada announced work advancing equal access for PWD in workplace

Advancing Equal Access for People with Intellectual Disabilities in the Workplace


CLBC Announcement on ways to prepare for emergency in May 2023

Ways to prepare and stay safe as flood, fire and extreme heat season approaches


CLBC Spring 2023 Diverse Ability Magazine

Celebrate Diverse Abilities Spring 2023 Edition


June 2023 Announcements

San Story in June came in By Ashley Cox

Friendships Through Social Broadcasting During the Pandemic


San Story came in June 2023

Employment award by Marcus Iregui

Employment Award by Marcus Iregui


San Story that came in June 2023

By Stacey kohler

My Five Things


Federal Govt Announcement

Canada Disability Benefit got Royal Assent

Landmark Canada Disability Benefit legislation receives royal assent


Federal Govt commitment to further increase inclusion at the United Nations

Canada’s commitment to further increase disability inclusion reaffirmed at the United Nations



Press Release from Disability Without Poverty on passing of Federal Disability Benefits

Press Release: An historic move: Parliament passes law to fight disability poverty


Inclusion Canada press release on federal disability benefits royal consent



BC Govt announcements in June 2023

Housing News in June 2023

Nearly 1,500 affordable homes on the way in Burnaby

New affordable homes coming on reserve for Seabird Island Band members

New homes for seniors, families now open in Kaslo

Govt survey on Govt Services

New survey will help fill gaps in government services


CLBC update that was in June 2023

CLBC’s Update for Individuals and Families June,2023 Edition


Michelle Goo’s did story Advocating for Parents with Disabilities June 2023

Michelle Goos: Advocating for Parents with Disabilities


July Announcements 2023

CLBC Announced the Board Director position for Self-Advocate was open

CLBC Board Director opening for a Self Advocate


BC Govt July News announcements 2023

Vancouver Island camp expansion will serve more children with disabilities

B.C. helps remove barriers for people with disabilities

Tax-credit lift puts more money in more people’s pockets


 Housing Announcement News July 2023

New affordable homes coming to Castlegar

87 affordable rental homes open in Parksville

New affordable homes coming to Hazelton


Govt of Canada July News Announcements

Starting the engagement process to design the Canada Disability Benefit Regulations


Govt of Canada announcement research understanding deliver of Maid

Government of Canada Supports Research to Better Understand the Delivery of Medical Assistance in Dying in Canada


 Then July was Disability pride Month 2023

July is Disability Pride Month 2023


Disability Alliance BC Announcement that was in July 2023

Community Update: PWD/Income Assistance Rate Increase Table


Inclusion BC story featured Michael McLellan talking about BC Self-Advocacy Leadership Network Society posted in July 2023

Self-Advocate Feature – Michael McLellan and the BC Self Advocate Leadership Network


August Announcement’s 2023

Then bryce manager of was on show called PWD and Their Allies show in August 2023

PWD Allies | Podcast disability Canada


Govt of Canada Announcement August 2023

Government of Canada invests in projects to increase access to employment opportunities and support persons with disabilities in the workplace

Canadians can now view their Social Insurance Number online

Government of Canada invests in youth-driven accessibility projects


BC Govt Announcements August 2023

Housing news

New homes open for seniors, people with disabilities in Nanaimo

Thousands of new affordable homes coming for renters

Victoria seniors benefit from renovated homes


San Story that came in August 2023

Written by Miranda Orth

Inclusive Education


San Story that came in august 2023

Written by Michelle Goos

My Baby is Not a Baby Anymore


San Story that came in August 2023

Written by Kristina Bridgen

Functional Neurological Disorder


Disability Alliance BC Announcement August 2023

BC Wildfires


Self-Advocates in BC did Attend the First Self Advocacy Leadership Institute in Kelowna BC 2023August 15 to 18th.2023

Attending the 2023 Self Advocacy Leadership Institute in Kelowna BC


CLBC Announcement in August 2023

CLBC released their new plans to improve on accessibility

Community Living BC releases new plan to improve accessibility



September Announcements 2023

BC Govt housing News in September

Seventy new affordable homes coming for families, seniors in Saanich


Nidus Announcement News September 2023

Nidus Feature spotlight a champion of self determination our very own

Arlene Schouten

Spotlight on Arlene Schouten – A Champion of Self-Determination


San Story came in September 2023

By Julie Garbutt

Learning Our History


San Story came in September 2023

By Madeleine Wieczorek

Miss Sassy Pants


BC Govt Announcement’s September 2023

The BC Govt announced that the rates for landlords from 2% to 3.5% as of Jan 2024

Province caps annual rent increase well below inflation


October Announcement’s 2023

Inclusion Canada News announced 2023

Tracy Latimer: Now 30 Years Later


CLBC October Announcements 2023

CLBC did conduct a series of conversation on CLBC services

CLBC conducting a Series of Conversations on Community Living BC Services


22nd Annual Self Advocacy Leadership Institute

Took place on October 27th, to October 29th, 2023 at Camp Luther Retreat Center




CLBC announced their Wow Award winners

CLBC WOW Awards 2023


BC Govt Announcements in October 2023

New technologies reduce employment barriers for people with disabilities

Pharma Care covers more medical devices for people with diabetes



November Announcement’s 2023

Govt of Canada Announcements 2023

Canadians invited to help design the new Canada Disability Benefit



NEADS Announcement on Fall Federal Govt Economic update 2023

Fall Federal Economic update 2023


December Announcements 2023

December 3rd was International Day for Disabilities 2023

International Day of Persons with Disabilities Dec 3rd,2023

Then was Human Rights Day on December 10th,2023

Human Rights Day Dec 10th,2023


BC Govt Announcements December 2023

Homes opening for seniors, people living with disabilities in Comox

New code will make buildings safer, more accessible and resilient to climate change Updated on Dec. 5, 2023

Govt of Canada Announcements December 2023

Government of Canada celebrates the launch of the Canadian Business Disability Network to help advance the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the workforce


Then end San Christmas Page 2023 Christmas Page 2023















































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