BC Provincial Election 2024

This page will be on the BC Provincial Election 2024 that takes place on Saturday, October 19, 2024⁩

All information on party platforms all what parties stand for and also topics that ask party leaders and candidates on where stand on disability issues

stay tune as months leading before election check here for further information as release there platforms


For now Inclusion BC has an election kit use help you decide who like vote for questions ask candidates

Get ready to be an active participant in shaping the future of BC!

This package gives you some ideas about how to get involved in the election. It explains some things about how an election works.

This package has:

  • Written information in plain language and large print
  • A small poster that you can take a picture with. Post your pictures online with #IAmVoting to spread the word about voting in the 2024 Provincial Election.

Please share this information with your friends.

Voting for the first time can be a little scary because often people do not know what to expect. This guide will help you understand what voting is about and why it is important. We hope this information will help make your voting experience a good one!

Dive into our comprehensive guide on everything you need to know
about voting and the Provincial Election this Fall.

Click here to read the 2024 BC election guide.

Also go to Elections BC for information how to register to vote and important information get on voting list

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