My Jobs

My Jobs

By: David Mann

My name is David and I would like to tell you about my jobs. I started working at Golf Town in the summer of 2022. My first day on the job I straightened clothes for two hours. On that day I got my two uniform shirts and a nametag. During work, I had problems with the clothes on the top of the shelves and my support staff helped me with that.

We started with the womens’ clothes and ended with the mens’ clothes. With the help of the staff, I learned new tasks. My daily jobs now include dusting the shelves and straightening the clothes.

My typical shift involves going in, putting my stuff away and then the staff help me log into the ADP to clock my hours. Then I get my Swiffer duster and I dust, and finally I clock out.

I get my stuff and I leave with my staff and go back to the program.

This year, I got my first annual review and my manager told me that he was happy with my work.

I like the people at Golf Town. My relationships with my coworkers are good, and they treat me like family. The staff supporting me are great and they help when I need it.


My second job is dog walking. I have been dog walking for over a year. I’ve walked many dogs. One of the dogs I walk is a reactive dog and another dog is nervous with new people. I help by being calm and nice to the dogs. I like dog walking because I’m making money while outside.

I hope you enjoyed learning about my jobs.

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