My Enjoyable Life


By Kashif Nasir

My name is Kashif. I live with my mom, however, I have more family members and we all are very close.

I am nonverbal and I love communicating through the use of a few words. I can speak and I can definitely use my expressions to let people know what I am asking them. I understand Hindi, Punjabi and English.

I attend a Day Program from Monday to Friday. I really like going to the program and I enjoy the daily activities and my busy schedule. I really like sports and enjoy playing floor hockey, golf, soccer and going bowling. I like socializing with my friends from the program.

I like to know what I will be doing each day. I get up early and take a shower. Then I eat breakfast. I like to dress up properly for the weather.

I am very enthusiastic and strong. I am a good role model to others while doing activities. I express myself with gestures and use a Caya book for communicating. I love watching Hindi and Punjabi movies at home and in the theatres.

I have had a few jobs.  I worked as a window cleaner at a Greek Restaurant for one year. I also worked at a mattress factory cutting and stocking the wood with my coworkers.

Recently I started working delivering newspapers. I do my paper route every Friday in the neighbourhood and the staff from my Day Program support me with it.

I also love to volunteer. I volunteer at the Sikh temple twice a month washing and drying the dishes, and I really enjoy helping out.

I am very happy to go every day to my program because is a busy place. I like exploring the new places we go to. We’ve been to Grouse Mountain, and Science World. We’ve taken the Sea Bus to North Vancouver, and have visited museums and parks etc.

At home my mom helps with my money and with many other things. I spend a lot of time with my nephews as they live upstairs in the same house that I live in. I am a really hard worker and always help others and my mom by doing chores. My family is great and they are thoughtful towards me.

I am always positive, and cheerful. I’m usually in a good mood and I love going out.

I am a healthy man with lots of energy and I’m happy with my life.


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