Monday, September 8, 2014

Paige-Cunliffe-featureFor many developmentally disabled adults in Ontario, home is a placed shared with very elderly strangers. Paige Cunliffe is 21-years-old living in a long-term care nursing home in Ontario

Twelve thousand disabled people are waiting for a place in group homes in Ontario alone. Increasingly, young people in their 20s find their only option is in long-term care with the elderly. Today we look at at the dilemma of a mother confronting a system never designed to help her daughter.

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5,338: The number of people with developmental disabilities — and under the age of 65 — who were admitted to long term care homes in Ontario between 2008 and 2012.


“A few people don’t like the fact that Paige is here because they think she’s too loud, but she’s 21. She’s not here to knit and read …. She’s just not happy, not stimulated. So, for me, it breaks my heart obviously.”

Pam Cunliffe’s daughter Paige on being the youngest in the nursing home she lives in 


Like many developmentally disabled people, Paige Cunliffe has found it difficult to find a home. Ontario recognizes the need for better support, but there are an estimated 12,000 developmentally disabled people waiting for a place in group homes.

As part of our By Design series we examine the growing number of people living in facilities that families argue are simply inappropriate… designed for the elderly.

The Current’s producer, Kristin Nelson brings us her documentary, Finding Home.


” In a statement from Ontario’s Ministry of Community and Social Services we were told …

“We are acutely aware of the need to expand resources in the developmental services sector for adults with developmental disabilities and address waits for services and housing. That’s why we’re investing an additional $810 million over three years to significantly strengthen developmental services in Ontario. The new investment will increase our funding for developmental services to more than $2 billion annually by 2016-17.”


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