Nidus Zoom Presentation for Self Advocates

  • The Self-Advocate Leadership Team (SALN) believes a Representation Agreement is an important part of a Covid-19 emergency kit. It is also helpful in other situations.
  • Do you have a Representation Agreement? Want to learn more about Representation Agreements and how they can help you?
  • A Representation Agreement is a legal document made under BC law, the Representation Agreement Act. You need to be 19 years or older (and adult) to make a Representation Agreement
  • When you make a Representation Agreement, you name the people YOU trust to help you with decision making. You can give your representative legal authority to help you with health care and personal care decisions as well as with routine financial and legal affairs.
  • A Representation Agreement is the only legal document in BC if you want to have a plan for health care and personal care matters, in case you need help.
  • What if you need help deciding the risks and benefits of a health care treatment?
  • What if you are really sick and in pain or confused or unconscious?
  • A Representation Agreement can be used to help you make your own decisions. If you are incapacitated or at end-of-life, your representative can make sure you get the care you need and want.
  • The health system sometimes uses other documents – are they legal? What does this mean for patients and families?
  • A Representation Agreement can also cover routine finances and legal affairs. If you do not have a Representation Agreement and need help to manage these affairs, you may come under adult guardianship (called Committeeship in BC). Find out how a Representation Agreement makes adult guardianship is the last resort in BC.

Zoom Presentation

Time: May 26, 2020 01:30 – 3:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada) 

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