Today is our 48th anniversary. It is not the anniversary of our wedding, it’s the anniversary of our wedding. Let me explain. We had a legal, recognized by the state, wedding a couple years ago somewhere in the beginning of June. We don’t commemorate that day, it’s simply the day that the law got involved in our relationship. We commemorate a the day, where 48 years ago, we got together as a couple, recognized ourselves as a couple and committed to live our lives together as a couple. There was no church service, no gathering of friends, no pile of gifts, no first dance. We were fine with that, we’d found each other and that was, and should be, enough.

We typically mark this day by each trying to be the first to say “Happy Anniversary” – Joe won this year by sneak attacking me at 3:00 AM. We usually have hot dogs and potato salad as our anniversary meal, but this year our day falls on the same day as the last day of school so we will be going out for pizza with two kids who are growing far to quickly. Tomorrow we’ll have the dogs and salad.

Nope. No card.

Nope. No gifts.

It’s simply a quiet day of being together, much like every other day.

I got a lecture last year about how ‘unromantic’ that we were. I was told all the things that we should do. Dinner out, fancy dress, elaborate gifts, smooching over champagne … um, no. That doesn’t sound romantic to me, it sounds showy, it sounds contrived. Living in the shadows of other people’s limelight has made us very comfortable with quiet moments of harmony.This is what gave us strength during the bad times, this is what got us through and this is what will keep us going.

So, hot dogs and potato salad, an anniversary menu that I anticipate every year. And, it’s enough, well more than enough.

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