resources for emergencies with wildfires, air quality bad for your information passing it sharing it to you
dabc did document on personal emergency planning
CMIST Personal Emergency Planning
A Checklist for People with Disabilities and Their Support Workers
A Functional Needs Framework for Every Community
Emergency Planning and Response for People with Disabilities
This document is part of a series created by Disability Alliance BC in order to help local Emergency Programs in British Columbia integrate the needs
of people with disabilities into their emergency plans.
The series was developed for the A Functional Needs Framework for Every Community project, based on key areas identified by local Emergency Programs.
With BC’s ongoing wildfire crisis, along with widespread heat and air quality advisories.
It’s a good time to stress the importance of looking out for vulnerable community members who face added risks & considering their needs in emergency planning & training.
This is the focus of an important program led by our friends at DABC.
Check it out Click here to document
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