“Happy New Year! I hope you all feel inspired by my goals for this year and choose to face some big challenges of your own to conquer during year 2016. So far I have been faced with much larger health struggles than I ever anticipated and my biggest challenge is to stay positive during such a frustrating time. Please keep me in your thoughts and please share some of your own struggles and victories.”

Julie Carlson joined us at the end of 2015. She was in the best health she had been for a while but her health took a turn for the worse and she has been in Vancouver General Hospital since January. Julie decided to not let her challenges get her down and produced this video which she had originally intended to be for the New Year but at that time her health was not good enough to be able to make a video.

We wish her well and hope her struggles will soon be over and she can focus on her goals. The SAN Team

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