Abbotsford Canada Day Partyby Jeff Stackhouse


Every Canada Day Abbotsford chooses a Canada Day theme. This year it was “Beach Party”. The music, fireworks, and parade were harmonized with the beach party theme. At a scorching 32 degrees, what better theme could there be as everyone I know wished to be at the beach. This way, the beach came to Abbotsford.


The parade was 2 hours and 15 minutes long and had such classic elements such as marching bands, fire trucks, local business mascots, line-dancing, martial artists and cheerleading teams.


The participants in the parade wore beach attire, from coconut bras from the Hawaiian float to old-fashioned woman’s 1920’s swimwear in which the material worn went below the knees.


At Rotary Exhibition Park the whole town got to enjoy many fun activities such as the creation of a painting that the Mayor will hang in his office. There were also hayrides, bouncy castles, and many other fun activities for children.


Later in the evening, the music began with the likes of Emma Alves, Bed of Stars, John Welsh and YUCA. All bands and singers were great. I was especially impressed with YUCA’s lead singer who reminded me somewhat of Axel Rose due to his great energy and appearance. ( also very touching lyrics )


After the live music, Sonic Radio gave old and young alike a great beach party themed dance party featuring DJ NoLuv. All participants could sing and dance to today’s greatest pop hits and could also try to grab a glow-stick, sticker or even their own beach ball!


As soon as the dance party finished, Mayor Bruce Banman sang “Oh Canada” to great applause as the fireworks began.


From the Mayor’s first note to last firework burst the colourful show in the sky lasted 18 minutes and completed a wonderful day of Canadian Celebration!

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