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National Accessibility Week is in support of National Accessibility Week of  May 27th, 2024 through to May 31st, 2024 This is a week dedicated to the celebration and inclusion of people of all abilities. This page will try to highlight  why is it important to highlight ways the disability community has been developing ways to build access to information  building modification  ways that over come disability community in tech mobility as well

Statement from Chief Accessibility Officer Stephanie Cadieux on first-ever National Air Accessibility Summit

Statement May 13, 2024 – Ottawa (Ontario) On May 9, 2024, Canada’s Chief Accessibility Officer, Stephanie Cadieux addressed attendees at Canada’s first-ever National Air Accessibility Summit. The following statement summarizes her remarks: “It’s been over six months since the night my wheelchair was left behind by Air Canada. In some ways, it seems like just yesterday, because I vividly recall the emotions and the feeling of frustrated outrage at having

The Importance of Self-Employment

By: Margaux Wosk As an Autistic person, I found that being employed by someone else is often the only way that employment is presented. This is especially true for those who may be neurodivergent or disabled. There are entire organizations dedicated to helping disabled people find employment, however, they don’t talk about how self-employment could be a viable option. It’s upsetting because being employed by someone else doesn’t always guarantee

May 2024 Edition of CLBC’s Update for Individuals and Families.

May Edition 2024 Welcome to the May 2024 Edition of CLBC’s Update for Individuals and Families. As a reminder, you can find all Updates (including past editions) posted on our website here. You can also check out CLBC’s Facebook page here and page here. If you know of anyone who would like to receive future Updates, please share the link to our sign up page with them. If you have

Ministers Rodriguez and Khera hosted a National Air Accessibility Summit

News release May 9, 2024                    Ottawa, Ontario                    Transport Canada   The Government of Canada is committed to ensuring that Canada is barrier-free. This includes a fully accessible transportation system. This is vital to ensure that all Canadians, including those with disabilities, have equal opportunities to contribute and participate fully in society. Canadians with disabilities still face many barriers while travelling. Today, the Minister of Transport, Pablo Rodriguez, and Minister of Diversity, Inclusion

Government of Canada launches new call for proposals to increase the production of alternate format materials for persons with print disabilities

News release May 9, 2024            Gatineau, Quebec             Employment and Social Development Canada All Canadians deserve equal access to programs, services and supports. The Government of Canada is committed to investing in programs that help remove barriers to accessibility, increase inclusion, and empower persons with disabilities to fully engage in their communities. In 2023, 5.2 million Canadians aged 15 and older reported encountering

The Kamloops Self Advocate Newsletter May 2024

Krystian Shaw Publisher and Owner   Welcome to May! This month, we are highlighting entertainment and the arts with a focus on disability representation. That means we’ll be talking about all the fun things that make us smile, like music, movies, TV shows, and artwork and celebrating people of all abilities and talents. You’ll get to read articles about amazing and accessible spaces for musicians, learn about awesome movies, and

Emergency Preparedness Week May 5th to May 11,2024 support of Emergency Preparedness week May 5th to May 11,2024 This page is to highlight why we need pay attention to being prepared for an emergency incase of fire ,floods, earthquakes etc. First what is situation your  in plan for  tips what you need to prepare for 1. Establish Multiple Family Meeting Spots: It’s important to stick together in an emergency, so establish a few places where your family can

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