Autism spectrum disorder is a condition that many people around the world are still working to understand – especially because there is a wide variation in the way that it affects different people.


The impact on the families of those individuals with ASD is even more widespread – and recently the Autism and Developmental Disorders Lab at SFU, together with the Laurel Foundation, co-hosted 3 community events to facilitate conversation around the quality of life among those families.


Tara Torme & Panel The panel that was selected to speak about ASD and family quality of life included Tara Kimberley Torme, an office worker at Community Living BC who lives with Asperger’s Syndrome. Tara spoke throughout the session about her experience living with ASD and her access to services.


Video of the discussion series can be viewed here:


Tara introduces herself at 12:21.


Tara speaks at 4:38 about her experience with counseling services, at 20:44 the need for stability, at 33:25 the need for specialized support, and at 36:08 what method of treatment works best for her.


Tara speaks more about medication.


Tara speaks at 5:33 about her multi-lingual upbringing.


Tara speaks at 2:04 about some resources that she has found helpful, and at 9:22 about her struggle to cope after her diagnosis without available resources for adults diagnosed with ASD. At 11:35, she discusses women with Asperger’s, and the effect of early diagnosis on social and educational opportunities.


For more information about the SFU Autism & Developmental Disorder Lab, see their website: