bio_dave_hingsburgerI’m hurting as I type this.

Aching all over.

No, this isn’t a hangover from the ‘thing’ I had, that’s just left lingering fatigue and lack of energy, this is something else. I decided this morning to get up and do my exercises. I hadn’t done them since the first morning, when I learned in a kind of ugly, gooey, way that you shouldn’t exert yourself to do a military press with dumbbells while having issues with diarrhoea. Anyways, I decided to get back to my workout. I typically do just over an hour and … wow … I made it half way through.

Just half way.

It’s only been a week and a half off and my muscles, in that time, have atrophied out of existence. I found the weights really, really, heavy, almost like they’d put on weight during that time. I checked, they didn’t. Once I started, sailing through the warm up, I thought I’d be good. But nope, as soon as I picked up the dumbbells, my body reacted with shock. ‘You want me to lift that? For no discernible reason? No freaking way!”

I knew a few minutes into the weight lifting that I’d not make it the whole way through the workout. I decided to cut it back to the original 35 minutes I started with and just do that. I could barely make it through.

It’s only been a few days.

Fat, now when that comes, it makes itself welcome.

Muscle, it seems, takes a powder at the first opportunity.

So, right now, my arms are sore, my shoulders are sore, my upper back is sore, hell, my fingers are sore.

And, I’m annoyed.

It’s only been a few days!!

I call … not fair.

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