Author: BC Winter Games/Saturday, February 22, 2014/Categories: 2014 BC Winter Games, Basketball – Special Olympics

Vancouver Squamish took home a win against Fraser Valley 2, beating them 27 to 11 on Saturday in Special Olympics basketball at the University of the Fraser Valley.

Vancouver Squamish played a strong low-post game, scoring a lot of their points just under the basket, overpowering the defensive efforts of the Fraser Valley.

Unable to contain the firepower of the Vancouver Squamish squad, and finding few lucky bounces or assistance from the rim, the Fraser Valley continued to fight hard to the last buzzer, but were unable to bring up their score.

Only allowing 11 points, Vancouver-Squamish’s tenacious defending and strong offensive effort paid off in a win over the formidable Fraser Valley team.

Teams continue to square off on Saturday in preparation for tomorrow’s bronze medal match at 9 a.m., and the fight for gold at 10 a.m.

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