Inclusion BC invites you to join us in pursuing our vision of a province where we all belong. A province where each child has the love and support they need to thrive and achieve their full potential. Where families and communities are empowered, providing a welcoming and supportive place for all. Where the barriers to inclusion and full citizenship are broken down, allowing all citizens, including those with developmental disabilities, to realize their right to live full lives with the dignity of knowing that in BC, we all truly belong.

  • Print & share our complete BC Election 2017 Toolkit, including background and questions for candidates on our four priority issues.

Priority Issues:

We can all raise awareness and support action on four public policy issues critical to advancing our vision of a BC where we all belong. The following links include background and questions for candidates:

Take Action:

  • Join: Follow Inclusion BC on the Web, Facebook and Twitter and add your voice.
  • Connect: Share our message with others as we grow our movement to build a BC where we all belong.
  • Discuss: Talk about our vision for inclusion, explain the issues at all-candidates meetings or meet with candidates and encourage them to commit to solutions (more on election activities).
  • Vote: Exercise your democratic right! You can also share our You Can Vote guide to help empower British Columbians with disabilities to vote.

BC Election 2017 Hashtags

Join us in using these on Facebook & Twitter to connect with others, amplify our collective voice and spread the word: #BCelection2017 | #YouCanVote | #BCweALLbelong | #raisetherates | #kidscantwait

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