Image description: A cartoon showing a variety of different ways of unplugging a toilet without a plunger.

I just heard the toilet flush.

What a beautiful sound!

Our toilet stopped working yesterday. It was immune to plungers, prayers and pleading.  I searched the web to find ways to unplug it. We used the sham-poo and hot water method; the baking soda and vinegar method; and the plunger used at tantrum force. Nothing worked.

By the time we were done with all our attempts the toilet was full, nearly to the brim, with kind of a ‘poo stew’ … with bubbles. We thought that maybe overnight, miraculously, gravity would take care of our problem for us. Gravity must have had a night off, because when we awoke we lifted the toilet seat to see ‘fecal marinadus’ to coin a phrase.

So Joe went down to talk to security, as we live in an apartment building, the office was closed. Security said that a clogged toilet isn’t seen as an emergency, Joe jumped in there, seeing an opportunity, and said, ‘But Dave is in a wheelchair and it isn’t easy to find accessible options.’ The security guards eyebrows went up and Joe could see that his argument had hit home.

A few minutes later we had the assistant superintendent up here and, as I’ve said, I just heard the toilet flush.

No music was ever sweeter than that sound.

Joe’s feeling a little guilty for playing the disability card. I’m trying to explain to him, that yes we benefited by upgrading the level of concern for the issue, but, he didn’t lie. That’s what mattered.

Bringing the disability issue into the discussion when necessary, I don’t think, is playing the ‘disability card’ … I think it’s having an issue looked at from a disability perspective

But whatever, we are in a ‘poo enabled’ environment, and that’s all that matters.

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