• Use Hand Signals to Signal Turns, Lane Changes, and Stopping – Letting other drivers know your intentions helps keep you safe.
  • Ride in the Same Direction as Other Traffic – Never ride against traffic; it is illegal and dangerous (closing speed is increased, motorists are not expecting you, and you cannot see signs and traffic signals).
  • Use Lights and Reflectors at Night  – It’s the law. Bright clothing helps, too.
  • Be Predictable – Hold your line and ride straight. Don’t weave in and out of parking spaces, driveways, or intersections. Predictable riding is safe riding.
  • Stay Out of the Door Zone – Bicyclists are entitled to full use of an entire travel lane (even in the presence of bike lanes), so stay away from parked cars.
  • Wear a Helmet – It’s the law for kids 16 years old and younger, and a good idea for everyone else.


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