by Emily Kettleson

“I hope to find many other ways to keep offering my art to people to enjoy.” – Emily Kettleson, who was recognized for her work by Delta Mayor Lois E. Jackson.

I was born and raised in Ladner and now live in Tsawwassen. At age 12, I enjoyed still life painting and creative art projects during school time and I continued to create art at home as well.

When I was 15 years old, my parents added an art studio in our home to give me a space to be creative and helped me find my passion for many different types and styles of art.

I started my self-employment journey in 2012, at age 17.

I found a love for creating celebration cards for every celebration during the year, especially Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

I also had people contact me to create invitations for them and thank you cards for their personal celebrations.

I have been selling cards to friends and family throughout the years as well.

In 2015, I was given the opportunity to create multiple types of Christmas cards for a bank to give to clients and employees. I have a portfolio book that is at the bank with all my paintings in it that are for sale.

I created a banner for a contest in the summer of 2015.

I named it “take a bite of summer” and my banner was picked as a winner. I received an award from Mayor Lois E. Jackson.

I am very proud of it. In 2016, I had the opportunity to sell my celebration cards and art at the Victoria CASE Conference, which was very profitable and I had a great experience.

This past year, I have been selling my cards at a local Ladner store, and so far it’s been a positive experience.

I am 22 years old now, and I feel my love of art is being able to create these cards for the customers I have.

I hope to find many other ways to keep offering my art to people to enjoy.

Keep an eye open for Emily’s cards in local gift shops in Tsawwassen and Ladner