Tara Kimberley Torme is a self-advocate on the Editorial Board for Self Advocate Net. She has spoken at numerous events to share her experience with Asperger Syndrome and started her own social and support group for adults with Asperger Syndrome. Below she shares her concerns about the lack of autism strategy in Canada:


We need more resources for those on the Autism Spectrum. In England, Chris Mitchell helped to pass an Autism Strateg, which you can read at this link: (Chris Mitchell Autism Strategy Document). An Autism Strategy provides recommendations on how to change the current support system to better provide for those who have autism. What I would like for here in Canada and also all across North America is to have a similar document here with the same type of ideas. I really strongly feel that Canada should have a document like this here – it’s about time we improve our resources.


I need all the help that I can get in having something like this passed in Canada. I would like to work on a format with somebody, and would like as many people as possible to share this idea with the goal of getting it into parliament here in Canada and in BC. My dream is to actually work closely with politicians on the document and have this passed in the House of Commons in Canada.


If you know of anyone who would like to work together on this project and bring it to light, please contact me at tktorme@yahoo.ca. Help me realize my dream!


For more on the need for an autism strategy in Canada, read this article on Global News: Canada Lacks National Autism Strategy, UBC Professor

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