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Employment Success Stories

Correctional Centre sets an inclusive tone

Having a broadly diverse and inclusive workplace brings a wider set of skills and perspectives to the table. Dayton (centre) and Kyle (left) are right there with everyone, contributing to our success and I wouldn’t have it any other way,” says Okanagan Correctional Centre (OCC) Warden Steve DiCastri (right). A lot of work goes into opening the province’s largest prison. When Okanagan Correctional Centre (OCC) Warden Steve DiCastri needed workers

Tyler has a job! A paying job!

“It has been very exciting and emotional to see Tyler go to work and successfully complete his tasks, feel proud of his job and start to grasp the concept of earning money,” says Daynna of her son’s job with Spider Agile Technology. How one family found their way forward, when the path to the future and a meaningful job was unclear. After graduating from high school in Kelowna, Tyler felt

Taking Pride in His Work

Mike Bourassa with Bill Maitland at Goat Lake Forest Products in Powell River. Bill has been impressed with Mike’s hard work and positive attitude in his job. Mike Bourassa has grown up in a family that has worked all their lives in the logging industry, where he first learned how to split wood and kindling. When a position at Goat Lake Forest Products for Dust Management became available, Mike was

The Sky’s the Limit

By Sky Hendsbee My name is Sky Hendsbee and I have a business called, Sky’s the Limit DJ Service. I started my DJ business after a good friend and role model showed me the ropes and how to use the DJ equipment. For my business I use something called a Numark mixer with speakers and my ipad or computer to access music. I like all types of music like the

Beautify your Tsawwassen business with window art

Have you ever wanted to enhance your Tsawwassen storefront to make it more visually appealing to visitors? As a member of the Tsawwassen Business Improvement Association (BIA), you can receive our free beautification service of your store windows to add some flair and elegance. Emily Kettleson, 22, is a local artist who works for the BIA and has been painting several of the windows in the Windsor Woods area of

Finding the pattern for success

by Eliza Lee “I had a great experience selling my items at the market and I hope to be a part of more markets in the future.” – Eliza Lee. I’m a local girl in Ladner. I took up knitting hats with matching booties for new born babies when I was 18. I am now 21 and I love to learn new knitting patterns. I have recently started making mittens to keep

Building a portfolio from my passion

by Emily Kettleson “I hope to find many other ways to keep offering my art to people to enjoy.” – Emily Kettleson, who was recognized for her work by Delta Mayor Lois E. Jackson. I was born and raised in Ladner and now live in Tsawwassen. At age 12, I enjoyed still life painting and creative art projects during school time and I continued to create art at home as well. When I

Clowning around! Dreams can come true

by Craig Muirhead (also known as Hey!-MiSH! The Safety Sergeant) “I have learned there is much more to the business of clowning than putting on a suit and make up. It’s all the work behind the scenes that makes the performance look easy.” – Craig Muirhead For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to mascots, clowns and entertainers. I enjoyed watching the way they interact with

Getting creative about self-employment

by Julian McKay “Make sure there is a goal and plan in place before choosing to start your own business.” – Julian McKay My business is doing First Nations art. I paint, bead and in the near future plan on starting to carve. I started with no real plan as it started out as just a hobby that picked up a little extra income. Once in a while I had

Capturing beauty through my lens

by Adrian Collins “My goal when I take a photograph is to give the viewer the experience of being there.” – Adrian Collins I’m a professional live music and nightlife photographer. My business, Adrian Collins Photography®, started off as a casual hobby and quickly transformed into a business. Many people where involved in teaching me how to start a business and the skills needed to be a professional photographer. I’d

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