The Autism Continuum, By Manuel’s Mother, Nina Pickburn

Parenting / Pioneer Nina’s story is part of InCOMMON’s Pioneer Series, providing an historical perspective on a mother’s experience raising her son with autism. This story is a chapter in a book called “Success Stories from the Frontlines: Intellectual Disabilities and Mental Health.” Monique Nelson was selected to be the narrator, and is reading the original story as written many years ago. The Autism Continuum, By Manuel’s Mother, Nina Pickburn

Jake’s Story

ake Anthony is an actor and advocate – here he shares a bit about his love of acting. “not only did it become a hobby and a job that I love but it really became a big part of who I am…” sfx by:  

My Story

Cliff is a proud father and self advocate. Here Cliff shares his story about being a parent and the people that have supported him along his journey of fatherhood.  

Jo-Anne’s Story

Jo-Anne’s Story “Some people give you good advice – take it… follow your heart” Jo-Anne is a self advocate, mother, wife and leader; she has sat on many boards including B.C. People’s First. Here she shares a story about her family.

I Have a Dream

In my dream… “Disabilities are seen as an asset not a burden… I see great things… we have a dream and my god is it beautiful!” warning: contains coarse language  

Aspects of Love

This story was made during the 2015 Inclusion BC Conference, Keep Moving Don’t Stop.

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