The Kamloops Self Advocate Newsletter June 2024

Krystian Shaw Publisher and Owner Welcome to the June newsletter! June is a month full of excitement and sunshine. It’s the month of light and growth, with the summer solstice bringing us the longest day of the year. Kids are counting down the days until summer holidays begin, and families are starting to plan fun trips, like going to Disney or camping in the great outdoors. It’s a wonderful time

The Importance of Self-Employment

By: Margaux Wosk As an Autistic person, I found that being employed by someone else is often the only way that employment is presented. This is especially true for those who may be neurodivergent or disabled. There are entire organizations dedicated to helping disabled people find employment, however, they don’t talk about how self-employment could be a viable option. It’s upsetting because being employed by someone else doesn’t always guarantee


Submitted by Maria First, I live in a basement suite in Kelowna. I been very busy with Special Olympics and working at my job. I wanted to do more cooking at home instead of eating out as much. I joined a cooking group in November 2023 for 4 weeks. We chose simple recipes such as meatballs,Shepherd’s Pie,Chilly, Butter Chicken with Rice. Each recipe was under 20 dollars. We did all

What is making housing options so horrible for people with disabilities in BC ?

Written by Bryce Schaufelberger, Project Lead at January 15, 2024 The housing market of BC is on my mind because I am feeling back to square one on finding a good place to live and no idea where to go. It feels like our system of support is unable to help find a suitable place to live. Options only really lead to not being independent, not finding the right

An Employment Success Story

By: Raymond Vannatter My name is Raymond and I work at Bethlehem Retreat Center in Nanaimo, BC. I have been working there for almost a year and a half. Bethlehem Retreat Center is a place where individuals and groups can explore spirituality, seek non-judegmental sacred spaces for contemplation, learning and community. Many people visit and stay for many days. I love where I work! My job is to clean the

Learning Our History

By: Julie Garbutt I was born a twin and I have Cerebral Palsy. My circle of support suggested the advocate program with Inclusion BC would be a good opportunity for me. I didn’t quite believe them and I was hesitant to even go because I was really nervous. There were a lot of new people, and I didn’t know them at all.  One person knew my twin, but not me.

Miss Sassy Pants

By: Madeleine Wieczorek My name is Madeleine Wieczorek.. I have Autism and an intellectual disability. I love to dance and I love everything about Drag, so when UNITI (Semiahmoo House Society) asked me if I wanted to perform as a Drag Queen at a fundraiser I said, “SURE!” My Drag name was Miss Sassy Pants. I dressed up as Lady Gaga and lip synced to her song “Born This Way”

Inclusive Education

By Miranda Orth I had a personal goal to become an assistant bookkeeper. This is my story about my experiences taking a bookkeeping course at Vancouver Island University (VIU). At a self-advocacy meeting, I heard about STEPS Forward, an organization that provides support for people with intellectual disabilities to attend post-secondary education. I contacted them and STEPS Forward connected me with a VIU facilitator and helped me apply for a bursary. I

Functional Neurological Disorder

By: Kristina Bridgen People living with Functional Neurological Disorder, also known as FND, have many daily struggles as it is an invisible medical condition. Let me backtrack here though. What is FND, you might ask? It is where the brain and body send and receive signals incorrectly, which causes many symptoms. In my case, my symptoms are non-epileptic seizures, also known as functional seizures. In the past, I have had

Christmas Time

Written by Michelle Goos When you are on low income it is hard to plan all the things you need to do at any time. But Christmas time is even harder because you want to make sure that you have money for gifts and food and the Christmas dinner, whatever that looks  like to you . For the last 18 years our family always asks for help from the place

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