Local Self Advocacy Groups

Delta Self Advocacy Group

Self Advocacy is a civil rights movement for people with developmental disabilities. Self Advocates seek to reduce the isolation of people with a developmental disability and share the tools and experience they need to take greater control over their lives – including being in charge of their own supports, or lobbying for improvements in public services. Self Advocates speak up for people with disabilities who cannot speak up for themselves.


What is the purpose of a Self-Advocacy Group? The purpose of The Nelson Self-Advocacy Group is to encourage people with disabilities to take more control over their own lives, make their own decisions, solve their own problems, and speak for themselves. We build awareness and education of the strengths, rights, wants, and needs of people with disabilities. The direction of the group will be member-driven and therefore the group could

Langley Self Advocacy Group

Inclusion Langley Society has supported a Self-Advocate Committee since 2009. The committee meets monthly to provide information about self-advocacy and to talk about issues and events that are important to self-advocates. The committee has been involved in organization events and projects that have resulted in the development of guides for self-advocates on Supported Decision Making, Abuse and Neglect and Employment Rights. The goals of the committee are to promote learning,

Self Advocate Leadership Network

  These groups came together to learn and support each other. These groups also came together so they can share and help grow other self-advocacy groups.   Bringing people together. Sharing. Learning together. Having fun. Connecting.   Covig 19 information from Self Advocate Leadership Network This information for self advocates regarding covig 19 be safe in your communities please check them out you need adobe reader or foxit reader read

Okanagan Self-Advocate Group

Attention Self Advocates of Okanagan Group All programs are cancelled indefinitely due to COVID-19, We hope to restart in 2022 unless the government says that we can start up again this Fall. Thanks so much. Linda Youmans, Okanagan Self-Advocate Group Advisor   Contact us at Darryl Harand, Chair – Phone: (250) 763-0094 Linda Youmans, Self-Advocate Advisor – Phone: (778) 478-1304 E-Mail:  lindayoumans@yahoo.com   Saturdays from 1-2:30 p.m.  No meetings in


WHO ARE THE KELOWNA SELF ADVOCATES? Self-advocates are people living in the Okanagan who have lived in institutions, group homes and proprietary care. Some of us still live in these places, but many of us live in our own apartments and houses. Some of us have only ever lived in our parent’s homes. Self Advocates have formed groups and we get together by our own choice. No one is forced

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