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They Never Mentioned

We had gone over to the mall to have a very late lunch at the food court. The mall was packed, it being a cool spot in a very hot day. I was lined up to get my salad, yeah it depresses me too, when I noticed another wheelchair user in a different line up. He was young, maybe 28, and he was with his young daughter who kept him

Threatening the Cashier

So, after having my cherries tossed, by a stranger, onto the conveyor belt, I felt annoyed. Why do people presume to enter into my life? But that line of thought was knocked out of my head by the customers ahead of me. One of them, a woman of about 30, was shouting at the cashier, a woman in her late 60’s. The cashier had asked them if they wanted help


We forgot the yogurt for the cucumber soup we were going to make. I remembered halfway through the unloading of the cart. I sent Joe off to get it and said that I would continue unloading the cart. These particular carts are a little hard for me because they are quite wide and the reach necessary, when I seated by the cart in my chair, is a bit long. I


For the last two days Joe and I have been tucked up at home doing nothing but watching Netflix and napping. I haven’t left the house, once, Joe went out each day to get the newspaper, not because we were low on news but because the papers have crossword puzzles. And that’s it. Partly this was because we both knew we needed rest. We’ve been travelling hard and have been

From Us Gearboxes

Three flags flying in front of the Tyee Plaza in Campbell River. The tallest is the Canadian flag and then two flags of equal height, the LGBT2SQQ pride flag and the British Columbia provincial flag, are caught flying in the breeze.   When we drove into Campbell River on Friday one of the first things we noticed was a sign announcing a Pride Celebration. We went by so quickly that

Father’s Day: Enough

Dad’s not here. It’s Father’s Day and this is the first one where he will not be in attendance. I’ve been thinking about him a lot because I’ve been seeing things in the stores that I would ordinarily buy and send off to him. But, not this year. My father and I did not have a close relationship. He was very uncomfortable in speaking with me, so he typically said,

The Johnson Street Bridge

Yesterday I took a giant step towards being ‘the guy’ that I want to be … in my mind. I’m not talking about ‘THE guy’ … that nice, thoughtful and caring one that escapes my grasp so often, but the one who can physically push himself outdoors. I see wheelchair users sailing on their own steam up and down streets looking relaxed and fit and totally in control. Well, I’m

space and welcome

I was speaking at a conference over the last couple of days and I found myself in nearly constant awe in regards to how the whole thing was organized. Let me give you some examples: 1) there was a ramp to the stage in the room I was presenting in. A good ramp. One that had a flat entrance onto it … amazing. 2) seats had been left available for

The Next Car Over

I saw them as I rolled down the cut curb into the parking lot. The rain had stopped and lots of people were taking the opportunity to get from the mall to their cars in the brief dry spell. They were full of energy, banging into each other with easy, friendly, affection – although they’d never call it that. The oldest might have been 19 and the youngest about 16.

Bright light, Dark Room: Let’s Have a Discussion

Yesterday we went to see a movie, ‘A Quiet Place’ at a theatre near the hotel we are staying in. The place was old and ill designed. The wheelchair space at the very back, at great distance from a small screen, had no chairs for anyone without their own. The one wheelchair space at the front, we discovered when looking for a way to sit together, was beside a seat

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