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Where He Is Free

Home. Our flight home. Our waiting rental car. All went as they were supposed to. The traffic was heavy because of the long weekend but we managed to survive it all and arrive home. We came in and immediately felt embraced. We knew that this space was ours and that it was tailored to our taste. As I was rolling through the door I remembered speaking to a man with

Travel – Disability – Making it Work

Okay, we fly home tomorrow. As you read this we will be on a plane flying towards Canada. One we land it’s about an hours drive home, depending on traffic, and then we sail in to the long weekend. We’re tired from the trip but as always grateful to have had the experiences we’ve had. We found that our past experiences of travelling with the wheelchair led to an error

23 Times

“Hey!” said a passerby with disgust, “Don’t do that!! It’s disgusting.” Now I don’t happen to believe that this was said to the man with an intellectual disability because of his disability, I firmly believe it was because of his behaviour. He had been walking alongside his staff in a mall when he leaded over and spat a huge gob onto the floor. The fellow who protested was clearly upset


Ruby is a big fan of the television show called, I think, “Charmed.” While we were here in Los Angeles she asked if we could go and get a picture of the house from the show. On Sunday, after prompting from Ruby, we checked and found it wasn’t too long of a drive from our hotel. We ended up driving on both Sunset Boulevard and Ventura Highway along the way.

A Mother’s Day Gift

Okay Google suggested a mall for us to go to on Sunday for a bit of a stroll. The weather here has been grey and drizzling for most of the weekend, clearing up yesterday afternoon in time to let us know that the work week would be beautiful. We arrived, parked and headed in. The place was packed. After a bit of pushing up and down long ramps that connected


I know a mother who kept her baby girl. Everyone told her to ‘put her with her own kind’ … her response was always the same, ‘but that’s where she already is.’ She spent her life fighting for her daughter’s right to adulthood and then she had to, with great difficulty, let her child go into that adulthood. She watched her make good decision and bad ones too. But she


On Monday October 9th, 2006, this blog made it’s first appearance. It was named ‘Chewing the Fat’ at the time because I thought it funny and because I hoped it would, assure people that I knew who I was, what I looked like and that I was good with saying it out loud. Over time I came to dislike the name and changed it, with a fair bit of protest,

What I Did And What He Said

I was getting into the car when I noticed, as isn’t uncommon, someone standing and watching me do this. I find this really intrusive and even though I am in a public space, an invasion of my privacy. So, I said to her, “Excuse me, please don’t stare at me, I don’t like being watched,” she looked a little startled at my words and then said, “Sorry,” and turned away

What is This?

Photo description: Two piles, one of gravel, one of dirt. The are in front of a barren piece of land. So, go ahead and guess. What is this picture of? Clearly something’s going to be done here, the piles are the ingredients for some kind of construction. Just off to the side of this is a small children’s play and learn area. I had arrived early to work and done


I rarely shock myself. I do occasionally surprise myself, mostly by what comes out my mouth unbidden, but shock that’s rare. Yesterday I did something so uncharacteristic that it even shocked, and maybe worried, Joe. I could see him reeling as he helped me. We got to our hotel in Crescent City in the very early afternoon. We checked in and before we went to the room we went over

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