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Gravity my PA

When we got to the center Joe parked as close to the door as possible. I got out and began to push myself up the slight hill to get to the door. I have done this for a long time and it’s now a fairly easy push for me but this time I was pushing uphill, on a surface covered in slush and a ridiculous amount of salt. It was

The Intersection

In my work to develop Disability Informed Therapy, I’ve been looking at disability as a social phenomena. We need to understand that my physical experience of the world is different from those without disabilities, but that my social experience is equally different. These are not small differences, these are huge. Non disabled people, even those who ‘had to use a wheelchair when I broke my leg’ don’t have even the

Compassion Doesn’t Have a Circle

Growing up, I remember an incident on the playground that involved a pratfall and, of course, the inevitable teasing. When we got back into the classroom, many were still giggling. The teacher, whose name I don’t recall, directed us to silence. Then we heard a passionate speech, from the teacher, about compassion and concern for others. “Others,” we were told, “included but was not limited to friends and family. Others

Me Matters

The turn was sharp, the passageway narrow. I was just making the turn when an man, about my age, grunted in frustration behind me. I then heard him leave, hurry around the side and enter the back entrance. There were two tables left, he took the corner table, I aimed for the one next to it. I caught his eye when he looked up at me, with annoyance in his

A Dangerous Thing

Joe and I are members of a ‘walking club’ at the mall. Our mall has two levels, and it’s 1.4k to do the top and .6k to do the bottom. We joined in July of last year and have tried to get over and do the circuit a few times a month. We stopped by the customer service desk to find out what our totals were for last year. It


On ‘the lecture’ that broke my career wide open and boosted my lecturing from evenings in church basements to giving presentations at conferences and seminars I ended up making an enemy. There were three of us presenting and I was to go last. We’d met a couple of times and I was finding it hard to be listened to or heard. I was used to this because, being fat, dismissal

Can’t But Do

Yesterday we woke into a morning that was -38° when the wind chill was factored in. It was a day where we had planned to go to the gym and to do some other errands. We had breakfast slowly, each knowing that when it was over, it was time to go. It took force of will but we got dressed in layers and headed out to the gym. I’ve mentioned

The Sad Pooper

Outside right now it -34°. Yes, you read that right. It’s so cold that I can’t push my chair in my regular gloves, I use another pair that, because of the lining inside of them, is harder to grip on my wheels. The dust from all the salt gets on my gloves and on my chair and makes them very slippery and I have to work way harder to go

I Believe in Unicorns

Image description: Poster for a Mardi Gras party, will be described in the post below.   When people do it right, they do it right.I was sent this image last night and was stunned by the overt, intentional, inclusivity. I don’t see it often and may never this clear. The three people pictured,, one dressed as a unicorn, one dressed as cupid and one dressed as a feathery fairy. The

The Word Along With A Few Others

There is a word I have never heard used outside the disability community. I haven’t heard it used by service providers, or by parents, or by politicians outside here in the real world where I sit and type this. It’s a shadow word that exists within and is used to describe a phenomenon known to every disabled person alive. It’s a word that we use to telegraph to one another

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