Rolling Around In My Head doing damns the darkness/ A Blog By Dave Hingsburger

The Wave

We were out for Mike’s birthday, sitting on a patio, in the middle of a pandemic. The girls were with us because our car is too small to have 4 people in the back seat. Mike and his girlfriend Joss were following in a cab. We arrived at the restaurant first and were seated on the patio, with goodly distance from others there. We sat Mike and Joss arrive and

What Grandma Wants

We’ve all made it. Now can we all do it? 2020: The Year of Hindsight. I’ve been thinking about that over these last few days. How wonderful it would be to be able to look back over time and see the decisions I’ve made, the hurt I have caused and the joys that I experienced. How wonderful it would be to be able to see, with clarity, where I am

The Fight Is The Gift

Yesterday we went to see a performance of Handel’s Messiah at the Roy Thompson Hall, it’s a tradition of ours and we both really enjoy it. We left early enough to get lost in the streets of the financial district, another tradition, even with all that we were in our seats about a half-hour before the oratorio and we both busied ourselves reading the program, seeing who the soloists were

Birthday Blog: An Unexpected Gift

We were at Dave and Busters in the arcade after having had a birthday lunch, complete with a home made purple birthday cake from Marissa and the girls, playing games. Joe and Ruby were in some contraption called “the Typhoon” and having a blast. I was sitting off to the side watching the screen. I noticed a man with an intellectual disability who moved in ways different than others come


We were leaving the mall heading for the car. My wheelchair legs are a bit low and often scrape the ground when I go down cut curbs. As a result, I simply turn the chair around and go down backward. I do this so often it’s automatic and done with ease. Joe was walking with me, helping me to watch out for cars, but once I hit the pavement I


Occasionally when out in the car we will pull up to a set of lights that are places of employment for those who ask for money. Their signs usually tell you what they need, and those needs are the really fundamental ones: a hot meal; a place to stay; warm clothing; take care of my family. Joe and I always, if we have money on us donate. It’s hard work

Air Hockey

Sometimes existence is a political act. Being different in public space requires an act of defiance and a reclamation of ownership. I belong here. I dare to exist, as I am, as all that I am, here. There is a reason that the word ‘community’ has both a ‘U’ and an ‘I’ in it. I belong too. Nothing you can do can eradicate my right to this space nor my

My Good Opinion

Joe went to get the car as I waited just inside the door of the mall. As soon as I caught a glimpse of the car’s blue, I headed out the door. I was about half way to the car when a young man, maybe 20, said, “Can I help you?” I was too tired for annoyance, so I just said, “No, really, I’m good.” I smiled at having to

Dave Goes On An Outing

Before we left we decided which of the two movie theatres we’d go to, how we’d get me in, and how we’d deal with the slope when we got home. Accessibility is a participatory sport, you need to plan and you need to adapt at any given moment. Once in the car, we headed out. The first thing we noticed was that all of the curb cuts, every single one

locked out

I like where I live. I am lucky, really, really lucky. I have a fully accessible home, a rarity where I live. This means that I have everything I need to be comfortable and safe. And not just inside … we also have neighbours that watch out for us and help out with things that we need help with, in the back yard and out front when it snows hard.

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