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Teach Them Well

We pulled up to an elevator where a family with a baby carriage was also waiting. We were all chatting about the -21C temperature and trying to find ways to describe it. The elevator door opened and we all waited for the family to take it up. It’s not a large one so we knew we’d be on the next one. However when the husband got on he maneuvered the

That’s What It Means

“She called me that word,” she said pointing at a woman about retirement age. “She said I should be out alone. She said that she shouldn’t have to see people like me when she goes out.” Her distress came from a deep dark place. She was one of the people who had lived much of their lives locked away from society. One of the ones kept out of public view.

Two Men, One Woman, Your Opinion

It was hard not to notice her.  I was in a hotel gym that had a cable machine. This is something I can use and do a wide variety of exercises. I was about half way through my routine when I noticed her. I have a habit of closing my eyes when I am doing an exercise as that helps me stay focused on what I am doing and to

Choose Movement: A Blog Not About Exercise

A lot of you know that I’ve been working at becoming stronger, going to the gym, parking far away from the mall entrance, using my wheelchair treadmill at home. I think a lot of people who do this come up with their own slogans, Nike did extremely well with ‘Just Do It,’ but that didn’t really work for me, so I didn’t borrow, I developed my own, ‘Choose Movement.’ This

Saving My Butt

It was rushed, it was chaotic, but finally it was done. The kids were in the car, their bags were packed in the trunk, my wheelchair was put away, and we were ready to go. It’s amazing how, with kids, time both slows down and speeds up at exactly the same time. But we were on our way. I had a doctor appointment in the city and the girls were

Low Weight

So this happened: I went to the gym today with renewed enthusiasm. I was excited because I’d done some research and found some exercises I’ve never tried on the cable machine. I found them on an exercise video on YouTube by a Paralympic athlete and both of them looked like fun and were reportedly good for developing muscles needed for pushing a wheelchair at top level. I have adapted most

Wishing To Be Who I Could Have Been But Wasn’t

I’ve heard a number of people talking about New Year’s resolutions over the past couple of days. They ask me if I’ve made any. No. I haven’t. Not because I don’t have things that I wish to change, I’d like better control over my addiction to sugar and I’d like to like kale. But these things are so trivial aren’t they. I’ve not heard people making much in the way

The Ruler: A New Year’s Day Post

After the crackers had cracked there was great commotion as everyone looked for their crown, their prize and their joke. Once the paper crowns were in place, the prizes found and dismissed, it was time for the jokes. These crackers had jokes that led to groans, not laughter, but we went through the lot of them. “What’s great and has a trunk?” Well a mouse going on vacation, is the


There is a peculiar type of silence. It is the quiet that happens after noise departs. It can be welcome, a relief. The streets after a riot. The dictionary says that peculiar means ‘exclusively belonging to ..’ It says that silence means ‘the absence of sound.’ So there is a peculiar kind of silence. That happens, each year, at our house. Suddenly the noise of joy. The explosions of laughter.

A Voice Worn Gentle: Christmas Eve Post

For many years now, Joe and I have made our way to the Roy Thompson Hall to see The Toronto Symphony Orchestra and The Mendelssohn Choir perform “The Messiah.” When we lived in Toronto we took the bus there, now we drive. After learning last year how and where to park, we did just that. We backed into a disabled stall at the same time as another older couple. He

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