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I am home. I am not yet whole. I need a little extra help to get me through the day. Maybe 5 or 10 minutes in the morning will do it. My first thought was to get in an occupational therapist to see if an adaption can be made such that I need no extra help. She came up with a few ideas but none were immediately applicable. During her


 It’s in the early afternoon and I am sitting at home writing a blog. The only thing that makes this noteworthy is that I was just discharged yesterday from a week’s stay at the hospital. Joe came home to find me on the edge of the bed trying to put my pants on, but I couldn’t do this simple task. I had already left home. I didn’t recognize him or

Moments: One of four

 He was running, keeping up with his mother who was animatedly talking on the phone. Then, suddenly he dropped. I turned from where I was seated waiting for Joe, I thought he’d fallen but he hadn’t. He just stopped midstride and dropped to tie his shoe. He must have noticed the laces flapping and decided spur of the moment, to fix the situation. His mother, not noticing, kept walking. After

Good Will

I am not a biblical scholar and would never pretend to know the Bible beyond a few verses that I particularly like and, of course, beyond my meager understanding of the message. But I am going to dare to quote something here, and change a word to fit our times. “Peace on earth to those of good will.” Now, this is translated in differing ways but this is the translation

The Gift

Before I even open a package. I am reminded. Of the gift of difference. I did not always see it as the blessing it was. I blamed the hurt I felt from being so visible on my differences, not other people’s prejudices. I was able to see, close up, how people who thought themselves kind could act in ways that were cruel. Seeing that could lead to bitterness. But it

Ymir Hill

  Photo Credit (used with permission): YmirPhoto Dotca Photo Description: A photo of the road into Ymir and the sun over Ymir Hill It was my birthday. I had just turned 7 or 8 years old. As my birthday fell so close to Christmas, I’d never had any luck with birthday parties, kids just didn’t come. I told myself that it was because so many other Christmas activities pulled them

No One Cancels Christmas

I met him about two weeks before Christmas and after about 5 minutes I was sure I was speaking to a very large version of one of Santa’s elves. His joy was exuberant, as all joy should be. It lit up the house. To say it was infectious would be a stretch because the staff had seemed to have caught only a very mild version of it. I went home

The Wave

We were out for Mike’s birthday, sitting on a patio, in the middle of a pandemic. The girls were with us because our car is too small to have 4 people in the back seat. Mike and his girlfriend Joss were following in a cab. We arrived at the restaurant first and were seated on the patio, with goodly distance from others there. We sat Mike and Joss arrive and

What Grandma Wants

We’ve all made it. Now can we all do it? 2020: The Year of Hindsight. I’ve been thinking about that over these last few days. How wonderful it would be to be able to look back over time and see the decisions I’ve made, the hurt I have caused and the joys that I experienced. How wonderful it would be to be able to see, with clarity, where I am

The Fight Is The Gift

Yesterday we went to see a performance of Handel’s Messiah at the Roy Thompson Hall, it’s a tradition of ours and we both really enjoy it. We left early enough to get lost in the streets of the financial district, another tradition, even with all that we were in our seats about a half-hour before the oratorio and we both busied ourselves reading the program, seeing who the soloists were

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