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We stopped at a mall that we know well, we needed a break and it’s perfectly placed for us to do so. Our usual entrance, the most accessible one, was under construction so we found parking around the back side of the mall at the other end. We got out. We went in. I started pushing and in a few seconds became a little nauseous. I have a very physical

outside my window

Outside my window is a place I cannot go. The accessible room in this hotel has a lovely view of a trellised walkway through a beautiful green space.The surface on the walkway, for me as a wheelchair user, looks welcoming for a push after work. But this whole idyllic space is not meant for me, or those like me. There are stairs everywhere, not a ramp to be seen, I

The cart

It was quite the tussle. I had gone through the grocery line, picking up stuff for the hotel rooms we’d be staying in this trip, and was about to head off. I was getting my chair angled just right so I could push the cart and chair by myself. This is something I’ve learned to do this fall with all the travel and I enjoy doing it, it’s a challenge

YOU ARE?????

How we ended up in the gym all signed up to play pickle ball is a long story in and of itself, but we’ve all got the ‘I’ve paid’ blue wrist bands and we were ready to go. I’d never heard of the game before, the girls shook their heads when asked if they’d ever played it before but we were there and we had the wristbands so we followed

What Didn’t Happen …

Joe had parked the car and come round to my side of the car with my wheelchair which he had unloaded from the trunk. I stay warm and cozy in the car until I heard the plop of the mat beside my door. My disability disallows me wearing shoes and so during rain or snow or where the surface is rough Joe puts a mat down for me to put

Every Day

As he lay dying, my father and I talked, really talked, maybe for the first time in our lives. He and I had not been close, but in these moments, our history then lost importance in the face of our history now.What I discovered about my dad, the old and very frail man in the hospital bed, was that the time he spent in the Canadian Army serving in World

this gig

Yikes! This morning we woke up to about three inches of snow on our driveway. For some reason, even though we’ve moved to a place where there is more snow and where we manage our own snow on our driveway, we never bought a shovel. So I sat at the edge of the door and looked at the gentle slope down to the car and I felt that I was


He said ‘No.’ He said it softly. He said it with determination. He said ‘No.’ Sometimes it’s the smallest miracles that reap the biggest joys. It may not seem much to others but to me, it fills my world with light. Seeing someone used to simply capitulating, simply blending into the background, simply ceding his right to space and to time and to inclusion, say a word that brings him


Early on into my life as a disabled person after pretty much everyone in my life knew that I was now a wheelchair user, I thought the work was done, I was officially out. But that wasn’t quite true. I found that when Joe and I were invited to places or events where most of the people would be strangers to us, I would look for excuses not to go.

Disability and Displays

First, she didn’t want to move the display. I had come into a store to pick up two gifts, that I’d seen there before. I couldn’t get into the aisle because there were now display cases on the corner blocking entrance. The display was a light cardboard thing that just needed to be slid over. I had glanced at the first employee I saw who was unoccupied with a customer

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